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HBH - DS 205

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Posted by skblakee
How does these perform versus others?


Posted by pt020
Got all 200 serie and I think the HBH-205 is not as good as the HBH-200/220.
the HBH-205 has more music controls but the sound is just not as good as it's older brothers.

Posted by skblakee
Nice! THinking of selling me them?

Posted by pt020

On 2009-11-01 18:33:56, skblakee wrote:
Nice! THinking of selling me them?

my partner and I use them together and have always a spare if the battery is low
we bought the 205 and it was a mistake so we do not really use them,just got the MBW-150 bluetooth watch so i do not need the extra controls of the 205 anyway

Posted by ErTnEx
I got a DS205 2 months ago, last month it completely stopped working (no charge, nothing...)

Sent it to SE for repair, they sent me back a DS980 as an 'Upgrade'... So I rang them up to ask what was going on, they said the DS205 has been discontinued, so they sent me a DS980 as an 'Upgrade'... but as I can't wear normal headphones this is no use to me...

So after a week chasing it up with them, they are now sending me a MH100 (which comes with the new Aino) as a replacement at no cost

Was a bit surprised they said the DS205 is no more... they still advertise it for sale (along with the 200 and 220)... Plus when I asked about sending the DS980 back... they said that was up to me if I want to or not as they don't mind!!

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Posted by skblakee

Posted by alexx_2010
I had problem with the sound too.

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