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Virus on N70

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Posted by Rasta0000
Hi everyone! This phone has a virus, it work but it freeze and write virus on the screen. How do I remove this virus Nokia N70?

Posted by groovepeppy
I believe you can do the nokia hard reset with entering *#7370# at the standby screen.
Take out external memory first and format it using your pc, if you still got the external memory attached to the phone, there is a posibility that the virus is in the card and will directly infect your 'just been reseted handset' again as soon as it reads your card. Mind that you will loose everything in your phone memory unless you back it up first.
Uh, one more, your batt have to be more than 50-60%...

Hope this help.

Posted by Rasta0000
Thanks buddy but it did not work. Any other suggestions?

Posted by jmash
If the hard reset did not work,then flashing the phone will sort the problem out and the card will have to be formated as well

Posted by exaflare23
install antivirus go search mr. google

Posted by anningg
try this format,make sure your phone is fully charged switch your phone off and press and hold '*', '3',and 'the green call button' as you switch the phone back on untill u see the formating on the screen...or you can go to mobile9.com for a specific antivirus for your phone

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