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help with bolt browser

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Posted by anningg
hey.i have downloaded bolt 1.5 with editable server and my freesite is www.mxit.co.za.the problem is that i cannot browse for free.please help. note: i can browse for free with the cgi trick on om5b.please help thanks

Posted by Greggy
why would u want to use a crappy browser like bolt. when youve got mini opera?

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Posted by anningg
@gregg.Because i want to be able to stream for free.Help if u can

Posted by Cyborg_a0
Use the cgi trick that i gave u, the downloading trick put it in the front query of your bolt.

Have u tried @ trick?

Proxy add:
port: 80

in bolt

front query:

Posted by anningg
@cyborg.i have tried that apn and proxy address but it still takes airtime.but i will try that cgi trick and get back to u.thanks

Posted by anningg
@cyborg.i tried the cgi trick but it still takes my airtime.what else can i do?

Posted by anningg
@cyborg,it works now but am using the cgi trick you gave me...thanks:)

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