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Help me in 0M4.2

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Posted by benokz
Hi, to all, gudday po,,. Hihingi po sna ako ng tul0n senyo, newbie lng po aq,, my nadownload po kc aq om4.2, kaso nd ko, mainstall, tul0ng,naman,po..an0, po b gagawin ko? Tnx

Posted by Cyborg_a0
Your problem can be answered in asia pacific bro. Search in the asia pacific section. 'punta ka po dun, we need to reply in english if we are here in this section and you know, 'tutulo dugo ilong natin d2'

Posted by Timothy19
Dude!!who are you.why nt write in english.fuseki,malebenja!!

Posted by benokz
,sorry guys i didnt know the rules, but anyway thanks for the info..godbless

Posted by Cyborg_a0
AHihi its alright go here http://mobile.esato.com/viewtopic.php?topic=188022&forum=32
topic of exaflare.

Posted by Rasta0000
Now that we speak the same language how can we help you?

Posted by virusjun2
Problem solved?

Posted by JUM0NG
I was like him before xD

Go to Asia Pacific where all your problems will end, lol. ^_^
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