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Help me in 0M4.2

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Posted by benokz
Hi, to all, gudday po,,. Hihingi po sna ako ng tul0n senyo, newbie lng po aq,, my nadownload po kc aq om4.2, kaso nd ko, mainstall, tul0ng,naman,po..an0, po b gagawin ko? Tnx

Posted by brys182
looks like your lost from outerspace

go to this ff. thread.

1. litement's thread
2. aquared29's thread
3. exaflare23's thread
4. chrizchild's thread

you can post question on listed above thread's.

Posted by ChrizChild
) )

Posted by kawaii
lost in space

Posted by virusjun2
wag poe!

Posted by lady_lynx29
Hahaha, ms ok cguro kung dito n lng mg post. Dun kc s regional d dumadagdaga ung post counts q. Hehe

Posted by Petero
Goto hackzone . Onmbl. Com and get ur opera 4.2 fixed out

Posted by litemint
was the problem already solved? Kindly read what frenchy bryze posted, it's all there.

Posted by r3dzy
Please try modded 0m4.2

Posted by Cyborg_a0

Posted by Excalibur69
Whoaa! Why are you here? Hmmm...i am smelling something's fishy in here...

Posted by Nhyrohale23
wow your hir my fellow bro's nice helping hahaha my english speaking is too bad.......hihihi peace

Posted by ryuriel

Posted by Bheng18
s0me of my fellows n asia pacific r here seeking for p0st c0unt..hehehe..btw,does the author s0lved his pr0blem?there's n0 feedback yet..

Posted by Cyborg_a0
The author didn't go online since he posted his 3 topic w/ same title here.

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