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g900 no signal?

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Posted by snakey_75
hi guys, any techies among you??
my g900 went back to Carphone Warehouse (CPW) recently to have a new loudspeaker as the old one had died.
that problem is now fixed, when i had the phone back i then had the problem of no signal - outdoors, i get three bars max, indoors i get nothing :-either no network or emergency calls only. put up with it for a couple of days thinking O2 had a problem, but to no avail.... took the phone back to CPW who said it was an aeriel fault, booked it in for repair, got the phone back from CPW 2 weeks later saying it was fixed. got home, turned the phone on, what do you know, same problem!! does anyone know what this might be? i don't want to go without my phone for another 2 weeks going back to CPW! (not that i have a problem with them!). before this, (pre-dead speaker), my signal was faultless.

cheers for any help!!

Posted by strizlow800
Maybe they screwed up the network antenna while attempting to change your speaker. If you still have warranty ask for replacement or free repair.

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