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C905 Vodafone branded Message alerts

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Posted by pdosev
I want to ask if anyone can help me find the Vodafone branded message alerts.
I had me SE C905 recently debrande of the Vodafone menu, everything is perfect except Message alert 1 of the Vodafone SW was the one i get used to. I searched over the internet but didn't find anything about the Vodafone ringtones.
Another possibility is if you can point me out for a Software which could copy all files from a branded phone as I have W910i with Vodafone menu which has this sms tone.
I had seen this alert on C905/C902/W910/K800 i believe is default for all Vodafone branded phones, or at least for SE.
Well, I hope that anyone can help me.

Posted by chadiwrx
This the one?


Posted by pdosev
Thanks a lot

Posted by R-FLow
Any chance for all the other Vodafone branded message alerts as well? Thanks in advance!

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