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Tob!s I have to hand it to you

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Posted by Lozz
Ive just registered to say just how amazed I am by half the writers in the interwebs, and to give Tob!s a round of applause for the XPERIA X5 Concept.

I can spot an actual concept from a one done by a third party pretty quickly, It seems that most of the writers who some how picked up this piece from a Korean website Cant even be arsed to have a good look and see the signature of an Estato member at the bottom right.

They have made themselves look ridiculous, where as you sunshine, have gained massive Kudos because of you ability and many blog writers blindness and inability to check details even when they are staring them in the face.

Well Done.


nice one.

So How did it all start?

Whats this Korean website?

and How did they become the source of this Story?

Posted by goldenface
Me too. There are so many news alerts coming through with this concept.

Very nice.

Posted by tob!s
Thanks Guys. I didn't know that there were so many news about my concept around the world.

Posted by rochel_o8
Nice one

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