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HPM-77 carrying case question

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Posted by altemyr
Since my HPM-70 went broken I bought a HPM-77 headset, and the sound quality is absolutely perfect, and the tight in-ear fit blocks almost all surrounding noise. I'm a bit confused about the round carrying case that came with the headset, however. I don't understand how to fit everything inside it. On the top, it is obvious where to place the earpieces and the microphone, but if I wind the cable around the edges, there is no space for the fastport connector, and the small collar clip attached to the cable does not fit either. There was no description about how to do it packed with the packaging or on the packaging either. Anyone that has an idea about how to do it? I used a small tin jar for my HPM-70, maybe I will reuse that one. An advantage with that was that it had less than half the size of the HPM-77 carrying case.

Posted by HxH
ummm....you will see 2 holes under the round. put fastost into that and wind your cable.

sorry for my english.

Posted by HPkuK610i
look at here http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=184551

Posted by altemyr
I finally got the grip about how to do it, but it's time consuming, and the collar clip is still a problem. The 3.5 mm extension cord cannot be added at the same time, though.

However, my old tin box still works, and it's much smaller than the original carrying case:

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