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Swazi MTN free browsing

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Posted by Timothy_19
how can i trick swazi mtn n browse 4 free.im using opera min 4.2.unfortunately it isnt free even to browse my home url,www.esato.com.believe m,www.esato.com is d official homepage mtn swaziland send to our phones 4 WAP settings.any way to trick swazi mtn,pliz help.

Posted by the sniper
if you dont have any free page you cant browse for free , sorry

Posted by Bheng18
What does mtn mean?how does mtn work?no0b here..

Posted by dantc702

papz, there is a thread outside made by blitz for mtn. why try it.

Posted by abdo
U can browse from the home page just think .

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Posted by blitzkrieg03
@bheng i think
mobile telephone network

problem already solved.

Posted by Twometre
Sorry man I do not think that you can really browse for free you know how these MTn guys are here.

There was a time when we all had free wap net but I think there was a fault in the service because the network was not stable at that time.

As one has said MTN stands for mobile telephone network and for more infomation on Swazi MTN Click here or visit mtn call centre in Mbabane but you can still dial 922 as you know its free
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