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I am looking for a unique theme for C905

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Posted by dbrits
Im looking for a purely black and white or grey-scale theme for c905, something that looks 'classy' but kinda just old school. Any1 seen something like that?
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Posted by gtr83
Search eseth.net for a theme called "The Lonely Musician 4.7" or "Spirit". Sorry can't give you a link right now, I'll try later...

Posted by dbrits
Those are cool but anything with even black and white icons? Kinda like the first generation of phones that came out? Think 5110

Posted by glorfingal
try the devnull theme thread on eseth .... he's very into the "simple"
themes and most if not all are absolutely stunning :-]

Posted by Mysticpink
Try this site,

Posted by dantc702
well let test it,
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Posted by Junz
How about something like this theme

Posted by dantc702
wow!!! I like this theme. do you have more?

Posted by blitzkrieg03
try this site.


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