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free COMPUTER connection

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Posted by marynarvasa
so, here's the deal. i already have operamini on my phone and its workin really GREAT. [thanks @denevelyn]... but i would like to ask how i could use this free connection on my phone that i would be able to browse the internet for free using my laptop. please help. thanks!

Posted by aquared29
u must hane and install pc suite on your pc if you mean to use phone as your modemn

Posted by marynarvasa
i dont really understand. can you guys explain it more? thanks!

Posted by faissel
Firstly instal pc suite on your pc to use your phone as modem then try to enter a correctly wapsetting and finally we use internet for free

Posted by marynarvasa
im really a computer dummie. what's a pc suite?

Posted by whizkidd

Ok. So you want to use the GPRS/3G connection on your phone to browswe the internet on your Laptop. Is that correct?

The easiest way to do this is to create a bluetooth dial up connection. This is easier to do if your laptop has built in Bluetooth chip/suite. So, the question is. Is the laptop bluetooth enabled? If not, you might have to get a bluetooth adapter.

Posted by faissel
The easy way to have free internet and without creat bluetooth connection is intall pc suit . Pc suit is a software for connect any phone with your PC

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Posted by mrjulius
Go to www.sonyericsson.com to get PC SUITE

Posted by Tynnee
Is der a way of runnin java progs on pc.

Posted by simomed
How i can connect my conx phone to my computer. Tnx

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Posted by diportivo
You should have pc suite and opera mini version pc . Make your configuration network .good surfing

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Posted by simomed
@diportivo. Tnks yu so much brother. I will tryit tnx agian

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Posted by blitzkrieg03
your phone should hav working c0ncti0n.

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Posted by faissel

you need C, connecting cable or USB dongle or infrared device.


1. Activate wap LIVE ( your network ) on your mobile,

2. Create 2 GPRS data acountss and select first as active profile. (Go to settings, then connection, then gprs settings).

3. Now, connect your mobile to the PC.

4. Install the driver for your mobile’s modem. (you can download it from your handset company's website).

5. Create a new dial-up connection as follows:

New connection wizard, then

Connecting Device : Your mobile’s modem

ISP Name : ___ (anything you like)

Phone Number :

Username and Password : ___

6. Do followng settings: Use the proxy : it depends the network

7. Connect to the dial-up account.

. Your free GPRS connection is ready now.

Posted by sliman50
quoi sa ( ___ )?

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Posted by alfrido15
Haw can i transfere free cnx from my mobile to ==>pc with usb cable

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Posted by bouzalouf
How can we get this?

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Posted by nomben
use pc suite and a working web proxy

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