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Need help finding a compatible Bluetooth GPS Receiver for SE C902

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Posted by absolutezero

I have the lovely SE c902 and know it does have some sort of geotagging of photos based on cell towers. I much rather prefer having real GPS data put into the photos.

I was wondering, does anyone have experience pairing a GPS Bluetooth with the c902 that actually geotags the photos?

I actually have a bluetooth GPS, but it's some generic, no name brand, unknown chipset receiver that I picked up for cheap. It works with amaze and nav4all GPS software, but it does not work with google maps. I'm thinking it might have to do with the fact that when you go to the list of bluetooth devices and select "services" for the bluetooth receiver, it shows that it has none so I'm guessing the phone is unable to detect that this is a GPS receiver.

I'll be heading out to different countries soon and hope that this is possible. I'd prefer to avoid the official GPS receiver by SE, mainly because of wires.

Also, I do use iPhoto on the mac, which supposedly can detect GPS data.

Thank you

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