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vibrating problem wid k800i

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Posted by zohaib_sh
Hi ....

i'm using a K800i since yesterday the vibration has stopped working completly. I always have my phone on silent so now i never know when someone is trying to contact me, which is rather annoying.

I havent changed any settings or updated the firmware at all. It doesn't even vibrate when i turn my phone on anymore.

Has anyone else heard of this problem? I've tried a master reset but no luck there.

plz plz plzzzzzzz help me out..

waiting for ur suggestions ..plz dnt ignore,

Posted by aquared29
maybe the vibrating motor has a loose contact you have to open ur phone or bring it for service

Posted by Residentevil
Shut your phone down and take the battery out for a minute, then reinsert and power up. IF that does not help try a master reset.

Posted by powgez
hmm... ive the same problem before... try to master reset it and nothing happen... didnt bring it to shop coz i have no money hehe... so i try to shake my phone a little and it does work! and sometimes i smash it to my hands, not too hard just a smash that it'll shake the vibrator... hope it helps...

Posted by zohaib_sh
i hve done all da thing......
bt i hve rreach to any result......
so i think its vibrating motor must b damage....
hey some one know how to flash k800i...?????

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