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save contacts from K750 with broken screen

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Posted by russhunter
Hey guys.

New here so not sure where to post.

The other weekend I managed to smash the screen on my phone. Thinking I had my contacts saved to sim, I wasn't to worried... until I put it into my spare phone and there were no contacts - DOH!

Is there any way that I can somehow access my contacts or if there is anyone with the same phone, write down a step by step instruction to save to sim on the phone. It still turns on but just can't see anything apart from the lovely cracks D:!

Any help would be wicked.

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Posted by aquared29
use myphone explorer to back up contacts to pc,

Posted by tranced
you can visit the MyPhoneExplorer thread for more information

Posted by russhunter
Thank you for your help !

It worked a charm!

Posted by deshu
Hello everybody.

I have the exact same problem, but i cannot make this solution to work.

The problem is that myphoneexplorer doesn't see my phone. It's connected via usb, and I can browse my phone memory (like photos and other), but the programme doesn't see it.

I'll be very grateful, if you could help me guys.

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