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Need W910i Acoustics

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Posted by hi2vino
Hi guys

I am new to W910i, i came to know from forum that the volume can increase by acoustics.

Can any one explain what is acoustics, how to load to my mobile.

How it helps?

Sorry for basic question, i m new pls help me


Posted by Boysie
Hi welcome to Esato!

Acoustics are all the files needed to control the sound output from the phone. To change these you will need a program called A2uploader. Your phone uses wbxml files and are stored in ifs/settings/acoustics in the internal FS. to find many topics about this.

Posted by hi2vino
Hi Boysie

Thanks, is that
cause any damage to my mobile

Posted by Boysie
Changing the acoustics wont harm your phone but as with any modding, care should be taken when using the tools to do such modding.

Posted by sudzdogg
if this is possible..
can both headset and phone speaker volumes be increased?

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