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Posted by amanno1
Can some one tell me how to change the avatar and how much would it cost/you would pay for a brand new p1i? I know the phone is old,but i want to complete the p series as i`ve bought the previous 4.

Posted by Marly
To change your avatar, you can go to your preferences.

Posted by Rookwise
Brand new P1 sim free and no branding is around 186 now which is quite cheap. Would love to get another one myself. Expect to pay an additional 30-50 for the Wayfinder edition P1i.

Posted by amanno1
Thanks.I`ve just brought a brand new one for 149:99

Posted by wuzzy
150 Pounds! where?

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Posted by amanno1
I bought it from http://www.play.com It was 199:99 Then it went down by 30.Then monday just gone they had a mega deal monday.So i checked what was on offer.And there it was,149:99.So i bought one.It`s back up to 189:99 now.


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