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I have problem when i do master reset on my SE k750i

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Posted by djphobia
Nice to meet you guys.I have a problem whit my K750i when i do master reset.
I do master reset and when i turn on the phone he wants me to choose the language in which i want to work with phone.But the phone automatically is turn off.

Sorry for my bad english.Iam from Bulgaria.

Please Help Me

Posted by islam
is the battery charged?
try resetting the settings first.

Posted by strizlow800
You can try flashing the phone firmware if master reset doesn't help...

You can find link from the tutorial in my signature (below this post) and firmware files you can download from www.4shared.com...

This seems like software problem to me so you should be able to solve this by flashing the firmware.

Posted by Irshat
Hi. my mobile SonyEricsson k750i i was resetting code number forget me plz help u.
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Posted by hihihans
please delete your imei number. that can be used for bad things.

Posted by tranced

You can reset it with XS. Check here: http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=172175

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