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HCB700/ C702 Low call volume

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Posted by Wannocks
The caller's voice is very quiet on my installed handsfree kit so I have to set the volume to maximum to hear them. On ending the call the tone is deafening which seems to suggest the kit is capable of high volume.
This seems to have got worse since I updated the firmware in an attempt to stop the phone crashing.
The kit is connected to the Symphony headunit factory installed in my Fabia VRS

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.

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Posted by Wannocks
Just had a try with a w800, volume is much louder.

Posted by volvoman
I am using my C702 with my sony BT radio in the car, and call volume is very good, from both ends. Was going to get an HCB-700 but heard allot of bad reports about it, so went for the sony radio instead.

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