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From the forum:

How do you configure MSN Hotmail on Sony Ericsson K800i?

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Posted by dennevhyn_31
I tried configuring my Hotmail email account on my phone using the default email client I had no success. I tried configuring it using POP3 settings. Yahoo! Mail and Gmail works great on my phone but not with Hotmail. Is there anyone here able to have it working? Please post the settings. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Boysie
AFAIK u need to subscribe to a premium Hotmail account to use the POP3 with ur phone. Otherwise its web access only.

[ This Message was edited by: Boysie99 on 2008-09-26 21:56 ]

Posted by dennevhyn_31
Really? But that's the same thing I heard before with Yahoo! Mail but I was able to make it working. Anyway, if there's no way to make it work, there's nothing I can do. Thanks anyway.

Posted by gtr83
dennevhyn, I also have a Yahoo account and I wonder how did you manage to use yours? Suggestions appreciated.

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@gtr83: actually i posted here the settings on how to configure yahoo! mail using IMAP settings. here is the link: http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=174524 then just follow the step-by-step procedures.

[ This Message was edited by: dennevhyn_31 on 2008-11-02 04:39 ]

Posted by med
@dennevhyn_31, i think you have a SE mobile phone...so look at sonyericsson website, and tru to send the email setting to your phone...if your service provider support hotmail you will find those setting in the liste............

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@med: i already did that. The hotmail settings that i got from the se website doesn't work. I configured it manually as well but still no go.

Posted by med
Ah ok.....

Posted by dennevhyn_31
i cannot really make hotmail to work on my phone. i already tried using different incoming and outgoing servers for hotmail but still it is saying "server not found." hehehe! currently, i'm using the following servers:

incoming: pop3.email.msn.com
outgoing: smtp.email.msn.com

Posted by lukechris
You won't have look, it is an encrypted server unless you are premium user i'm afraid

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@lukechris: oh ok. i understand. by the way, can you send me the firmware that you used on your k800i?

Posted by lukechris
Its k800@k810 go to 4shared.com and search for it

Posted by M.Noordin
is it possible first of all?? coz i tried it b4 wen i had a k800.. tried everyway but cudnt get hotmail.. got an E71 .. works perfectly well and the windows messenger aswell. i think the only SE u can get hotmail wud be the X1.. dnt know i might be wrong tho..

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@M.Noordin: Oh ok. Thanks for the information. Anyway, I will just use Gmail and Yahoo! Mail on my K800i. Hehehe!

Posted by cadcad
U can set ur hotmail to forward ur e-mails to your yahoo account or any other & thus u can have them on ur cell

This message was posted from a WAP device

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@cadcad: Mail forwarding? I already did that before but I wanna reply to the messages with the MSN Hotmail email address.

Posted by fdigital
@dennevhyn anytime i try to send or retrieve mails with my imap it write WRONG MAILBOX OR PASSWORD . i followed all the steps as u stated but still cant connect. pls any solution to that. And is there anyway we can use the mobjab settings to configure it

Posted by dennevhyn_31
@fdigital: what email account did you configure? yahoo mail imap? if you are receiving that error message, it is possible that you have the wrong email address or username and password entered on the email account settings. can you double-check? regarding your question about mobjab, i think it is not possible.

Posted by fdigital
i did every thing as u said but still saying the same thing i use yahoo. and how yours work. have u it tested it on k750i cos most of the features u listed are not in mine like outgoing username and password

Posted by dennevhyn_31
I have not tested it yet using K750i. Anyway, can you check if there is an option for Advanced Settings? The outgoing settings can be found in the Advanced Options.

Posted by fdigital
mine dosnt ve that features but can u try setting it on any k750i phone and see how it works, or is their any different config for it.

Posted by lukechris
Simple solution, never sign up for anything using your hotmail!

Posted by dennevhyn_31
Nice response lukechris! Hahaha!

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