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The Best HPM for K800i

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Posted by Junz
According to all of you which one the best HPM (Quality and price) for using with K800i....

Thanks b4

Posted by hansen
HPM-85 is definitely the best one for me. I get SO much richer sound than when using some in-ear model.

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Posted by strizlow800
HPM 70 or HPM 85 if you can get one of these... Will suit your phone perfectly .

Posted by Junz
thanks for the advice..

some question again, i heard if we're buying the original HPM in SE Shop it will be more expensive than we're buying in other shop...

and someone have the way to different the original one with the fake?

Posted by max_wedge
depends on your preference

if you like sound isolation headsets then you need to go for the HPM-70 or similiar, the ear canal type. HPM-65 style if you want a bit of outside sound to leak through (but lose a little dynamic range)

Also with the HPM series you can put your own headsete so you can buy any 3rd party headset that suits you.

Posted by groovepeppy
Personally I'd go for HPM-65 cause it have bigger speaker driver and produces more natural low and clearer high frequency.
But everybody have their own 'taste' i guess . . .

Posted by strizlow800
Well, in fact I want the headphones that has the HPM70 like earpieces. You put them in your ears and you hear NOTHING except the music playing in the headset. That's what I like about that headset, and the bass is pretty good. In fact all elements are top quality.

Posted by vicshowneroa

Posted by vicshowneroa
Pls i am also using k800i.what does hpm means and how does it work for

Posted by vicshowneroa
What does hpm means.what is it function how can i get it on my k800i

Posted by Junz
what about the new HPM 88?
have someone tried this HPM?
can k800i support for this HPM?

Posted by strizlow800
K800 should support HPM88 for sound, but I don't know for sure if it is going to support it's other options.

Posted by yea g

On 2008-08-25 15:59:00, vicshowneroa wrote:
What does hpm means.what is it function how can i get it on my k800i

Its a headphone adapter that goes from fastport > 3.5mm socket and comes with a pair of headphones. eg.

Posted by strizlow800
So with 3.5mm jack you can plug in your other headsets. It is the standard jack that most of the headphones use.

Posted by Jundi
so, according to all of you, which one the best "in-ear" hpm for k800i....

Posted by strizlow800
HPM70, HPM75, HPM82. The choice is yours.

Posted by Dr_Jones
I use hpm 82 and it kicks @ss!!!

Posted by Hek7or
HPM75.... it's even better than HPM70, there's more bass

Posted by lazeeboy
hpm-70 for my K800. luv the in-ears... but i still hate the connecting ports.

Posted by Junz
Have tried HPM-62, HPM-70, HPM-77, and HPM-82.
and i think HPM 70 and HPM 82 better Than HPM 62, but the HPM 77 THE BEST.
in HPM 77, the Bass more..and more.. and the treble is perfect. This is the very well balance Bass and treble.
if some1 want to buy new headset, i will say go for HPM 77

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Posted by Junz
and external sound reduction of HPM77 better than HPM 70, because this HPM have new design.

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Posted by groovepeppy
How much HPM-77 cost?

Posted by Junz
i don't know, because i just bought it from my friends who never using his headset for $ 15

but at SESC it's cost $40.

Posted by HPkuK610i
can i use HPM 77 for my K610i?

Posted by groovepeppy
I guess we can...

Posted by strizlow800

On 2008-10-17 17:29:15, HPkuK610i wrote:
can i use HPM 77 for my K610i?

Every wired handset should not make problems with K610 as long at it is fastport . Wireless ones should work good too btw. The only thing that can cause issues are the remote controlls on the headset (if any). On some phones running older firmwares they may not properly.

Posted by nimd4
I would quote all of you individually, but that's stress and excuse the bump; also,pls. HPM-70 does not work on K800i for-a-fact, because I've got both on the table in front of me (sound comes through, but not like it's supposed to). So the question is until when to waste money on Apple and Ericsoon compatible-with-itselfish-only hardware, etc. And/or to invest in something smart next. ;) :)

Posted by sincan
HPM 77.....

Posted by pt020

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