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Funny Complaint Letter to Vodafone

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Posted by tabbaranx
Here is a Complaint letter recently received from another happy Vodafone Customer.... this has not been edited in any way so apologies for spelling mistakes

Mr Telfer,

A*** D***** here. My account number is 24********.

My contract expires with you on 29/7/7 and thank God. It couldn't have come
sooner. You are supposed to be looking after your 'customers'. The way I've
been treated by you lot is quite frankly disgusting.

-I was lied to when I arranged my initial contract saying you would price
match any network offers. This I found out was not true, and consequently
cost me a fortune as I constsntly went over my pathetic tariff. I was
tricked into extendeing my contract to 18 months.
-I hardly get reception anywhere, not even in my flat in LONDON!
-My first phone was faulty. It switched itself off randomly, causing me no
end of grief. When I called to try and receive a new one I was told I would
have to pay for a new handset. Then when my PA called and spoke to someone
(after 2 hours on the phone, and being cut off by your rude, unhelpful,
devious, and moronic staff) they finally agreed to send a replacement.... A
week later I received a new BATTERY!!!?? It took another hour or so begging
and demanding to your idiot customer services staff, and they eventually
sent a new phone.
-This phone I have now doesn't send texts always and if it does people don't
receive them til days after. I also do not receive texts from people.
-I was persistently pestered by your call centre neanderthal's during the
whole 18 months asking me on a weekly basis is I would like to 'extend my
contract'. Pain in the backside!!!!!!! How many times can you say NO!!!!!!!
After several months of this harassment. One of those retards tried to tell
me I had agreed to a 2 year contract!
-Every time I tried to call regarding any matter my PA and myself had to
argue the case that I only had an 18 month contract and not 2 bloody
YEARS!!!! It made my blood boil, and I was called a LIAR BY YOUR
-When it finally came to the end of this saga. After more attempts to try
and bully me into thinking I had 2 years on this contract and being
persuaded to stay with Vodafone cos they offer 'so many things'. I was hung
up on 3 times. Spoke to all number of simpletons who tried to trick me into
paying money to end my contract! or just could not grasp the fact that I
needed a PAC code, and how this was done. Specifically 'Dave' at your call
centre, is one of the rudest, most unhelpful, plain dumb, infuriating,
brainless s.o.b's I have ever had the mispleasure to encounter. He refused
to put me through to his superior on 5 occasions after telling me I had a 2
year contract and I had to pay more money to end my contract on the agreed
29th July date. What a total pleb. How you can employ these inbreds to
represent your companty is just beyond me.
-When I finally did get out of this hell 18 months, I have been and am still
being plagued by more idiots calling me asking me if I'm sure I want to end
my contract blah blah blah. Also I keep receiving letters and texts on
promotions etc can you please STOP THIS!!!!!!!

So overall your company is an utter shambles...

Your customer service care staff lie, argue and hang up on you and wouldnt
know customer service if it crawled up their rear during the night. I
suggest you look at some of these monkeys cos they should be flipping
burgers in McDonalds... Actually no, that's too much responsibility. They
should be used as hatstands in Wimpy! If they can manage it....

The contract is a PRISON SENTENCE! The rates extortionate and I will be
telling people about the diabolical service you gave me. I will NEVER EVER
recommend vodafone to anyone, quite the opposite in fact.

Thanks for theiving my money, causing me and my pregnant PA an incredible
amount of stress, and calling me a liar.

Good riddance.

Posted by Ridahz
I agree with every bit of that

Vodafone rip me off, hang up, etc they are in shambles and the workers must have no gcses to sit in that call centre talking rubbish to us.

Mind what can you expect for minimum wage lol

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Posted by Cycovision
They really do accuse you of lying too, it happened to me once! They're a bloody shambles of a company.

Posted by KingBooker5
LOL come on is this really real!? The mcdonalds bit was hilarious.

Concerning the faulty phone, it may not have been vodafones fault. It didn't happen to be a k850 right?

Posted by whizkidd
Lord. They're here in India as well!! And they advertise their customer care saying " Happy to help"

Is it really THAT bad?

Posted by tabbaranx
Yeah it is a real letter and i although i also work for Vodafone as a Credit Controller i agree with what he says about the Customer Service Advisors, 95% of them are total halfwits!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Well I believe our 'customer service' people for NZ's Vodafone are in India too. And no offense, but I can't understand a word they say!

They've accused me of lying too, and would only refund me for a game I never received due to their poor service screwing up AGAIN (honestly, they seem to think it works perfectly!) if they put a black mark against my account which likely means if I complain again they'll do nothing but call me a liar. They honestly thought I had purchased the game and somehow believed I had downloaded the whole thing, when the truth was that I had simply looked at the game page and thought about buying it (but was in such a poor reception area that I didn't buy it at that stage). Honestly they're thicker than sh*t.

I would really love to hear what kind of response Vodafone gave you to your letter mate, if they gave you one. But I'll assume that it didn't get past the receptionist because they probably thought you were lying!

Posted by kenoby
That is hillarious! Feel sorry for that poor guy....

Posted by Daedalus85
No offence to anyone here from said country, but the worst network customer services are those will call centres in India. They are by far the most ignorant and unhelpful SOB's you'll ever talk to. Why would they put UK customers through to an Indian call centre where you can hardly understand a single word they're saying, it's insane.

That's mainly why I left 3, they were doing my head in, even with the best tariff around. I lied and told them I was going to be bought out of my contract by Orange 3 months early, and they just said "we can't do anything to stop you", great attempt to keep me eh?

Course not blowing my own trumped, but I have yet to have quite that much trouble with O2.

I did a few years back before I worked for them in 2005 with a dodgy joystick track on my K750i, they reckoned it was water damaged and I know it's a known fault so I spent 45 minutes on the phone to them being flung between 7 different departments several times, explaining the whole story, and actually coming back to the same people and explaining it all over again! Needless to say, a bit of a word with the store manager and hey presto, a new K750i to me

Posted by whizkidd
Talking about Indian call centers, I have had more than two years working in a Call Centre. I can understand how the guy at the other end feels. As the poster above mentioned that they behave like absolute pricks, I would like to clarify that these folks are normal, intelligent folks as well. They're just doing what they're told to. It wouldn't feel nice if someone chops off a bit of your salary every time you did not follow the "policies and procedures". As for the accent, i blame the voice and accent trainers here for the mess. I really do not think the Indian accent is really indecipherable. To make up an accent just to speak like others usually ends up in disaster. When you call the guy at the other end a SOB, its a person who could have gone ahead and helped you out as much as he could, but its his job at stake. Also, poor training and recruitment mechanism has certainly bought down the quality of folks being hired. I have seen a guy who can barely type at 6 wpm troublshoot a Dell XPS 400!

Posted by Cycovision

On the subject of Indian call centre staff being difficult to understand can I also add that, even with todays digital communications, the phone line doesn't help!

If I speak to somebody in India face to face, I usually have no problem understanding them at all unless they have a really thick accent. But put them on the end of a long distance phone line, especially when I'm calling from a mobile and I can't understand a bloody word they say! I think they have the same problem understanding me too.

But I'm not making excuses for Vodafone. As others have said, their customer service policies and procedures are appalling and training often consists of a one or two hour brief before starting the job stright away.

I know a few people who have worked for Voda too!

Posted by whizkidd
True that. The quality of the phone lines suck big time. I have rarely been on calls. But during the occassional client level conference calls we used to have, it was difficult to understand even a fellow Indian! Its both ways. I was once on an escalated call with one scottish gentleman and I did not understand a thing! All i did was nod and "hmmm"ed in agreement. Its not that i do not understand the scottish accent. Apart from that, these folks are governed by policies (stupid at times) that they need to adhere to. While on call they are supposed to maintain the AHT (Average Handling Time). That roughly translates to around 11 to 18 minutes per call depending on the process. If they do not hit their target, its a drop in their incentives. Also, these calls are monitored by the quality team. I have seen folks handle three customers at the same time and still trying to give a personal touch. In case of mobile networks, folks in India do not understand the European markets in the first place. There is virtually no contract system here. In short, things would be easier if companies adopt customer friendly policies and impart quality training so that these folks understand the market dynamics of the country from where their customer calls in. And yes! The VoIP lines!

Posted by Superluminova
welcome to my daily struggles within a vodafone retail store, the over the phone call centres are pathetic and 9/10 times they will give the customers the wrong information and I get it in the neck for it!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Yeah Whizkidd, you're exactly right about understanding foreign networks. When I had to speak to an Indian chap about my Vodafone Live problem, I don't think he even understood what had happened. And considering Vodafone Live is different in every country, and each country will have its own problems with it, they can't fully help the customer to the extent that someone in the customer's own country could!

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