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Japanese Phones Picking Up South Korean Networks

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Posted by BobaFett
"Mobile phone users in parts of Southern Japan have found themselves being charged for phone calls being made in South Korea. Residents in Tsushima, in Japanís Nagasaki Prefecture - which is just 53km from the South Korean mainland are getting the problems - reports the news site J-Cast.

The problem is affecting DoCoMo subscribers who have international roaming enabled. According to the report, the mobile phones receive radio waves sent from a base station in Korea and are automatically switched into international call mode. A spokesman for NTT DoCoMo said 38 models have the problem and asked users to operate their cell phones manually to prevent an automatic switch.

A Korean TV show once showed Korean phones making calls from the Japanese Prefecture while still connected to a Korean network.

The problem could be politically sensitive as well - as there are territorial disputes between the two countries over several small islands which lie between the two countries."


Posted by fbloise
In my country, people ffrom the brother country of Haiti can get signals of our providers here in the dominican republic with no inttention to stop this from their or our goverment.

But in Japan case, this is kinda sensitive, since this can ignite old wounds between those countries.

Posted by Kuchiyose
Hmm this thread seems too old but interesting..
Because its japan!
Was this issue solved?

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