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Broke W580i

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Posted by StickyRikki
I have a W580i and when you try to turn on one of the LED's flash red and wont turn on. How can i fix this?

Posted by Mon1018
I am using W850i,but i don't have this problem...I'm not quite sure about the answer to your question however.

Posted by babak_1274
Dear Friend, I had this problem several days ago.
It happend when my battery goes empty and deviced switched off, then i tried to turn it on again and it turnes on but after a while turned off again and this matter happend.
the way i follow was to bring it to sller and flash the firmware and it goes ok now.

Posted by halletter2k8
all u got to do is charge the fone to full

Posted by mactat2
Ive got one that does that, you hold the on button for a short period and the right hand red light flashes...hold it for longer and the phone turns on and works fine

Posted by groovepeppy
If the problem still exist the try to reflash you Main or better your phone

Posted by fairen
hi, I've encountered this problems with my phones before and I had to bring it to a technician to have it fixed. I change phones quite often and luckily I stumbled across this online store called Timtechs and I bought a W580i and when I encountered the same problem I was advised by one of their tech support to have a firmware update and then soft reboot the phone. What do you know? It worked!

Posted by Khagiz01
i bought my w580i last year and until now i dont have any problem...

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