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Emulators for sonyericsson phones

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Posted by Ourn
Hey can any one please help me im tryin to find emulators for my phone w200a help any one

Posted by Killfr3nzy
If you mean Game-emulators?

There is a good gameboy (color) emulator called MeBoy, its very easy to install and it plays good with most games! (http://arktos.se/meboy/)

Also there is a Nintendo Emulator for Jave enabled-phones ;

This one works very good, but it isnt free. You have to buy the full version!

If you didnt mean game-emulators, forget my post

Posted by Ourn
Wat about supernintendo emulator and i ment game emulators thanks

Posted by Killfr3nzy
There is a Super nintendo emulator out there and also a Game boy Advance, but only for symbian phones and not for java phones.


Your w200 will only support the Meboy and Vnes emulator, and maybe not fully with all games. You can see other users with your mobile phone on this page ; http://arktos.se/meboy/phones.php with their comments

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Posted by Ourn
Thanks dude hope this wil help

Posted by guyfreelance
Thank too...

Posted by rowly
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