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Fastest Opera Mini Server... Anyone???

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Posted by aatuif
Afaik, opera mini has quite a number of servers at which then transform web content into a form suitable for mobile phones...
Anyone knows address (akin to x.x.x.x:x) of the fastest om server???

Posted by aatuif

Posted by aatuif
OM sucks these days, in terms of speed...

Posted by Twometre
Hi! I dont think that we can have an individual fast server. What I assume is that the main server is the one that is having all these problems. Sometimes it can depend on the speed of your network provider.

Posted by laffen
This is the Opera Mini server cluster. These are located in Oslo, Norway. They also have some hardware in China and are currently setting up locations in other parts of the world.

The article about the Opera server (in Norwegian):

Translated from Norwegian:

This one is for you Boba:

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