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Error message showing

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Posted by fatevdestiny
Hey all,

Every so often when i click on the new post i get an error screen. Happening more and more now. Anyone else have this?

Posted by jcwhite_uk
What does the error say?

Posted by The Lostprophet
something about datebase error. was getting this around 10pm quite alot, nothing now though..

Posted by fatevdestiny
"error database currently unavailable"

I did have a printscreen but a lost it

Posted by BobaFett
maybe temoporary server bug or laffen is doint sg in the background or too many members online.

Posted by laffen
Most likely there are too many connections to the database server. This sometimes happen during peak hours (> 1000 pageviews per minute) when many visitors are browsing the site at the same time. It is possible to change the number of concurrent connections, but it will slow down active connections.

[ This Message was edited by: laffen on 2008-01-08 02:21 ]

Posted by fatevdestiny
Thanks for explaining Laffen

Posted by Rookwise
Had this problem all day today. have to close IE7 and reopen to get back onto Esato.

Posted by fatevdestiny
Ok I'm getting this every second click now and its getting annoying

Posted by Ranjith
yup i am getting it too...

Posted by PeterKay
me too.

Posted by alrodlop35
It's coming up so much it took me like 5 minutes to post this!!

Posted by Nanu
Same here!

What's going on?

Like, oh my god! Esato's going down!

Posted by laffen
I am working on it

Posted by Aware
Yes...it's not a good day when M-R is more stable than Esato!

EDIT: AAaaarrrrrggh! Just done it again, submitting this post!

Posted by Nanu
Go Laffen Go!

Posted by fatevdestiny
Getting better for me

Not had it in a few mins now

Posted by gaming_guy
ive just had this message as well.

Posted by paul101
56 ppl online !!

Posted by Sammy_boy
I hope it's not a DDoS attack like what's been blighting se-nse lately, it's been a real bugger getting on there basically for the last couple of weeks!

And like others, it's taking me ages to post this reply!

Posted by laffen
Found the bug. The system giving us the advertising on the WAP/mobile pages are developed and administrated by another company and it caused the number of available network connections to hit the roof. By disabling the ads, the problem disappeared.

Posted by goldenface
Back to normal at last. Thanks laffen.

Posted by Aware
Yes, many thanks indeed...sanity preserved!

Well, if the ads are causing errors , maybe they should be removed......

Posted by PeterKay
Cheers Laff.

Posted by Ranjith
tnx laffen!!

Posted by lukechris
Sorry but It's happening again

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