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Best Youtube video ever!

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Posted by methylated_spirit
Oh my God this is brilliant - it's the Fiat Cinquecento owners club's visit to the Isle of Man, with a Green Day soundtrack! Have you ever been a member of a club more pathetic than that??


Posted by ÈL ® ö B ì Ñ
No Videos found for 'clubcento'

Posted by se_p800
I see a lst of videos, and the first video is the one hes talking about.


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Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Holy crap... How is that the best video ever??? The song is way too "something big is happening here" for the sedated pace of the video. Hahahaha

Posted by skylineboy
That has to be one of the shittest cars ever made! and a shit video to!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Hahahaha doesn't beat a skyline huh?

Posted by methylated_spirit
It's just so cheesy, people devote their spare time to one of the worst, soulless, poorly made, slow, inferior cars ever made.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Yeah but you saw the people... They weren't exactly the coolest, or smartest looking people ever........

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