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From the forum:

Concepts and Photoshops for Sony Ericsson Phones : 2008 Edition

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Posted by not_me
@sunils120 :
W860i remains my favorite of your PS works so far

ps : Sunil is the name of a washing powder in Germany

Posted by sunils120
thats cool

Posted by sunils120
w770i(my 150th concept)

and this is not made from scratch!!!

Posted by Tigershark42
Who cares it looks fantastic!!!! The headphones look really awesome (I dont know whether you made them from scratch or just edited a photo but it fits in perfectly!). IMHO you should consider adding more shadow to the buttons so that they get a smoother border (drop shadow). This allows you to leave the slight outer glow though. Excellent.

Posted by sunils120
yeah i'd try it out! btw thanks

Posted by not_me
150 concepts on 41 pages of this thread or what, that would make more than 3 concepts on each page, and 150 in 3 months which would be more than one and a half a day, are you sure you didn't misscounted, or used there to be another Concepts thread before this one ?? But still 150 is crazy, congrats !

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
I think he might mean that he hasn't posted all of them here.

Posted by sunils120
i haven't posted them all here. Just my private collection .

Posted by hydro-

8mp Camera
Carl Zeiss Lens
Xenon Flash
3x Optical Zoom
16million colour screen
3.2inch touchscreen with 5 finger input
4gb of inbuilt memory.

Posted by not_me
^^ interesting, slide or candybar ??

Posted by chombos1
nice combination of W960-W880-S700-...

Posted by hydro-

Ive just taken stuff from other phones...like
W960i, K800i , LG Shine and W880i

Posted by sunils120

and a cybershot experiment

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
@Sunils, its looking promising. Just wondering why the phone has Walkman branding but you say its a Cybershot? Or is that part of your experiment?

Also, I think 'Quickshare' is no longer used by SE... It was a feature new in its day (T610/K700 era), but now customers take that kind of usability for granted in any multimedia phone from any manufacturer. So I think SE dropped it as one of its brands.

EDIT: Sorry, I read it wrong! I've now realised they are two completely different phones! My Quickshare point still stands though.

[ This Message was edited by: Muhummad-Oli on 2008-02-07 10:27 ]

Posted by sunils120
thanks for compliments bro but instead of cybershot logo, i thought QS would add to look of the phone. but anyways i will try after exams. Cheers

Posted by altemyr

On 2008-02-07 11:25:27, Muhummad-Oli wrote:
Also, I think 'Quickshare' is no longer used by SE... It was a feature new in its day (T610/K700 era), but now customers take that kind of usability for granted in any multimedia phone from any manufacturer. So I think SE dropped it as one of its brands.

In any case, the QuickShare label had a bad habit of easily falling off the phone, at least on the K700i...

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Yeah mine fell off my K700i too. Hahaha

Posted by SE76

On 2008-02-08 10:24:04, Muhummad-Oli wrote:
Yeah mine fell off my K700i too. Hahaha

Mine did 2, i guess the glue was not to good when they produced the K700i ) .-.-.-

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
It wasn't even glue lol, it was a crappy little sticker. And the phone looked average without it. Mine came off while I was on holiday in Australia. I was really annoyed!

Posted by mobse
Apparently the Walkman label is no longer used either. Obviously, couldn't fix the glue malfunction in 2006 models too, as the label on my W850 is irretrievably lost due to accidental falling off.


Posted by Muhammad-Oli
I think stickers don't look that great on phones anyway. Best to print it on or leave it completely!

Posted by sunils120
mine k700 quickshare logo is absolutely fine till date

Posted by xell
Is the Z850i "competition" still on? Am currently redesigning the "Alona" mockup to something cybershoterish.

Posted by xell
I don't like the back 100%, anyways I'm running out of ideas.

Posted by jjjajjj
Very beautiful design
I wish if Sony Ericsson transforming it into a real phone

Posted by xell
Thanks. As I said, I'm not happy with the back design.

Which one do you think is better?

Posted by NightBlade
Yep, you got it right this time.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli

On 2008-02-08 16:31:13, Xellar wrote:
Is the Z850i "competition" still on? Am currently redesigning the "Alona" mockup to something cybershoterish.

Yeah mate, anyone can still go ahead! That looks awesome man. I like the second back design best, it looks awesome. And your overall design is very stylish and clean!

Posted by BiroSEVEN

On 2008-02-08 17:54:04, Xellar wrote:
I don't like the back 100%, anyways I'm running out of ideas.

nice concept but
mmmm.. and the "8" key?

Posted by jjjajjj
I like design NO:2
It is more attractive

Posted by xell
LOL, that happens when you sleep not enough. I will correct the double "2" keys immediately in the second pic. Did not keep the first attempt.

edit: Here it is. Thanks for spotting and also thanks to all for your nice comments

[ This Message was edited by: Xellar on 2008-02-09 09:18 ]

Posted by sunils120
Good job Xellar. Can we see the specs?

Posted by Pop Lover
Sorry Guys

[ This Message was edited by: Pop Lover on 2008-02-09 14:20 ]

Posted by Tigershark42
This is my update of the P5i. Its become more of an all-in-one dream device. Seeing as you requested it, I made the back too Sunils . Enjoy, I really like the way it came out.



Side-Sliding Keyboard:


Proud work of Tigershark42

Posted by nneo
i dont know but suddenly i feel that P5i wont look like any of the photoshopes that were made by far maybe the closest was seaover but still i think its not going to look like what we are lead to imagine

it seems to me that the screen wont be as big but the body is going to be big and not shiny its not going to be dual slider but more like slid down regular style though the keyboard might change (not sure about the slider either).

camera WONT be one of its strongest points (3.2/5 MP but not as good as their cybershots )
music player is not going to be reinvented either (not that it needs to be)
video capabilities will be its segment to shine in (a joy to watch on it)
D-pad will be like the one used in the w910i and the new w760i
release date wont be anywhere near ...... my guess is Q1 of 2009
and it will come in one color variant i say black and 2-4 months after another color will follow

what do you think
aren't we surfing a bit too deep ?

Posted by Tigershark42
This isnt a true to life concept, its an idealistic vision of what the perfect device would be to me. It started out as a P5i concept but seeing as it was said that the P5i wouldnt be released at all/at 3GSM, I decided to finish the concept off in a way to show how complete such a device should be, to be flawless. OFC its not the actual P5i lol. That said, SE could make a device like this. But I agree, SE's actual P5i will end up being very different to this.

[ This Message was edited by: Tigershark42 on 2008-02-09 21:10 ]

Posted by razec
@Xellar, your Z850 version was looking great! i love the keypad and displa design, it's so new and cool. very japanesish (i love Japan phones btw )

Posted by sunils120
made this ccd senor 5 mp 930i long time ago.

Posted by sealover94

Posted by tonif430
What's this????
Tigershark I love your concept!!!! Hope P5 is something like this!

Posted by patr!ck
@ sealover: itīs getting boring and boring and boring... *tired*

Posted by Crumcon
we all know its not the real deal, why dont u stop bluring your pictures

i really want to see it in sharp pic tho.

Posted by sealover94

i really want to see it in sharp pic tho.

Posted by jalf
sealover: awsome!!!!

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
This is the most stylish looking image Ive ever seen you do Sealover. Nice clean, non-gimmicky fonts and a simplistic background. Good stuff buddy.

Posted by Crumcon
goddamit boy!! you're awesome!!!! its even beter than X1

Posted by my ninja
^^ that shouldnt be hard to do

big ups sealover94, your pix are the only thing we have going right now, even if they arent what well get, it should be!

Posted by tonif430
L love this concept.... I love u Sealover
Hope P5i will be like this...

Posted by clauf
Looking good seallover... nice elements from the X1

Anyway if any of you want to include some X1 screenshots into future concepts:

Posted by pavlov's_dog
was really inspired by the x1, so i made the xperia p5 concept

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