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From the forum:

Concepts and Photoshops for Sony Ericsson Phones : 2008 Edition

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Posted by Domecot
Amazing concept and the specs are just killer.awesome job man

Posted by tob!s
Awsome concept. Very nice. I like your XPERIA-PSP phone.

Posted by Klue2k
very nice work tigershark. i'd buy that phone if it was real. maybe we might see something in 2009 if sony ventures off into dual sliders. i'd think it would be a big hit with the consumers.

time to pump out more high end phones.

Posted by patr!ck
oh my gosh! I really like your concept. It's awesome... I'd buy it :)

Posted by tob!s
Here is my XPERIA X5 Concept:

8MP Cam with autofocus and xenon-flash
8GB internal Memory
Full-Touchscreen Device
3,2" Display
M2 Slot

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Posted by patr!ck
Well done, tobi.

In the third pic is the frame (cover) from the iPhone ;-) look at the volume buttons =)

But: All in one is a good photoshop.

Posted by tob!s
Yes, it is. But I think, it looks good in this pic.

Posted by tob!s
Today I made my wonderful Alicia as a Photoshop file:

Posted by sunils120
wow now thats a cool concept mate.
love to see more pics.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Well its not really a concept, but its a real prototype photoshopped. Well done anyway.

Posted by tob!s
Thanks for the nice comments.

@ sunils120
More pics from what? Alicia or X5?

i'm 15 years old, sorry for my mistakes!

[ This Message was edited by: tob!s on 2008-08-15 16:42 ]

Posted by tob!s
X5 Live-Pics:


Posted by sunils120
Whatever it might be matey.
I meant the w707 there.

Posted by CyberHunk

Posted by nikolat

On 2008-08-16 16:05:00, CyberHunk wrote:

This is a fascinating first post... O.O

BTW, Tobi.

It's pretty obvious you used an M600i for the spy pics, due to the fact the top and bottom and so blurry compared to the sides.

VERY nice concept none the less =]

Posted by tob!s
Thanks for your nice words, mate. Yes, I used a M600 dummy.


[ This Message was edited by: tob!s on 2008-08-17 00:24 ]

Posted by tob!s
And here's my next Concept: The Candybar-Alicia. It will also come as a slider and a UIQ-Phone.


Posted by plankgatan
@sunils120... i dont understand why you didnt won "esato awards 2008" ???? you have make the most beatiful phones (and have cleanest design) of all people...... keep up the good work man.

[no offend to all other photoshop-people]
ps. i have a friend who works for , maybe you should give him a call...

do you know who have done this phone ????

just love it. (this is exactley how i want my next phone to look)

I C902, W810 & T29
(t610, t630, k700, k750, k800, k810, k850)

[ This Message was edited by: plankgatan on 2008-08-17 21:35 ]

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
No offense Plankgatan but that looks horrible. Its obviously done in paint or something, it lacks texture and is just a K850i copy.

Posted by 843
I'm not sure what's wrong with you plank.. you have asked the exact same questions with the exact same (low quality) photoshopped picture numerous times all over esato.

I'm guessing you made that.

Posted by sunils120
thanks plank 4 ur comments but i think muhammad oli deserved to be the winner. mine photoshops aren't that clear IMHO as compared to theirs.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Thank you Sunils120. Congratulations on your second placing. In my opinion all of us create such beautiful concepts that there can be no real 'best photoshopper'. Someone is always sure to like one person's photoshops more than someone else will... Its all just a matter of taste. In saying this, I am very grateful that I won, and I thank everyone who voted for me.

Posted by 843
Has anyone tried making concepts with Maya?

Posted by xell
Oops, I did it again.

Posted by razec
@xell. is that looking similar to hecaro?

Posted by xell
No idea.

But this KF700 would be a nice ...

Posted by razec

On 2008-08-21 10:35:19, xell wrote:
No idea.

that ":D" smiley mean something interesting

very very nice pic bud

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
@xell: If Hikaro looked like that, I'd be forced to buy it. That looks simply amazing!

Posted by tob!s
Yes, very amazing xell.
And yes, it will 90% look like the real device.

Posted by Tigershark42
Has anyone else noticed how whenever they post a concept here, no matter how far-fetched or down to earth it is, no matter how well done or poorly made it is, it always ends up on all these random news blog sites. My concept I posted a few pages ago has ended up on all these Russian sites, and hardly any of them acknowledge the fact that its not even a real phone. I find it annoying that we can't just share creativity here without anyone using it as fodder for their viewer-less news pages.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Yeah I've noticed that. A few of mine have been passed off as "coming soon" models on Chinese websites too. I just think its hilarious. Try googling your user name and the name of your concept and see how many websites you're on!

Posted by razec

On 2008-08-22 00:52:44, Muhammad-Oli wrote:
Yeah I've noticed that. A few of mine have been passed off as "coming soon" models on Chinese websites too. I just think its hilarious. Try googling your user name and the name of your concept and see how many websites you're on!

this is also one way of determining your popularity (as the creator) outside esato

Posted by razec
The thread has been silent for a while...

so time for me to post


It's just a simple rendition of the JavaOne Phone - i used the UIQ screenshot on it. but i plan to make the next one using android UI. since it does not make sense for me to put Symbian into it while this phone was associated with Java

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Nice Razec! One thing, if you watch the JavaOne video, it has PSP-like icons in the video which suggest the phone will have a PSP-style interface... Maybe that's something you could put into your photoshop. It looks really excellent already though mate.

Posted by razec
^^ Thanks Oli yeah i know there were PSP icons there, i'll incorporate them later with the next PS'ed batches of this phone. however i must deal first with my midterms

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Sure mate. Good luck!

Posted by razec
^^ When do you plan releasing another concept mate - i want to see more beauties from our best photoshopper

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Well I too have a lot of work going on at the moment with my University design work. But hopefully soon. I have a few ideas I'd like to do!

Posted by sunils120
nice one.
i am missing my photoshop veryyyyyyyyyy much.

Posted by Zuckabaecka

great job! this phone looks awesome. Hope Hecaro looks like this.

Posted by razec
JavaOne phone Part II - now with android

"Our Greatest glory is not in never failing - but in rising everytime we fall"

Are you good at drawing? If yes,then show us your talent! post your artworks here

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Posted by idumbakumar
perfect. no words to expresssssssssssss.

[ This Message was edited by: idumbakumar on 2008-09-02 08:46 ]

Posted by DeeNuke
This looks so good. I just hope SE doesn't die... *sighs*

People say I am a freak, dark, sick, weird and twisted person, but actually I have the heart of a young girl - in a jar, on my desk...

[ This Message was edited by: DeeNuke on 2008-09-04 10:34 ]

Posted by Tigershark42
Very nice work Razec. Its one talent to design a concept from scratch, but to see something else and then make a copy, that highlights your talent as a photoshopper. Its right on the mark. Keep it up dude

Posted by razec
This thread is indeed sleeping where are the masters here? (Oli, sunils, T-shark, not_me...)

Okay, The JavaOne phone inspired UIQ device

Slide it up...

In three colours...

-That's all from me today

Posted by Tigershark42
Very awesome concept! I like the way you've designed a touch capacitance D-Pad in the design, as well as the camera. Its also held together very well by suitable colour schemes. Great great work indeed. As for my work, I may be designing a mid-high end device soon, A300 platform sort of thing. But of course, I have to first invent a UI for that >D. I am humbled by your kind words! I wouldn't call myself a master by a long shot... But thanks very much!

Posted by tob!s
Hey, this looks very similar to Hicaru.

Posted by Muhammad-Oli
Awesome Razec! That's one mighty fine looking phone!

As for me, I have less than 6 weeks left til the end of my University year and so I am working on my design work. After that though, expect me to be back in action!

Posted by clauf
I was going to take on a photoshop concept project (or retake on the C908 I left off), but unfortunately, it's grade 12 for me and I basically need to work on my marks so I can get a guaranteed spot in University.

But great concept Razec! I'm surprised u didn't slap on the android interface =)

Posted by Klue2k
wow razec nice work. i'll take one violet red p905 please =P hehe. if only it was real i'd be willing to buy it now =D

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