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Posted by HelloMetro
HelloMetro.com, one of the world most-extensive providers of city-oriented web sites, has now added more than 750 .mobi web sites to its growing list of local search web sites to remain the world’s largest network of .mobi sites. By using HelloMetro’s .mobi site, residents in 1,400 cities around the world can access valuable local information such as news, weather, sports scores and attractions as well as searchable Yellow Pages & White Pages directories directly from their mobile phone.

.mobi sites are designed for the screen size and download speed of mobile phones – including the Apple iPhone – so that users can access HelloMetro sites on the go without needing a computer. The internet addresses for HelloMetro's .mobi sites are the same as their .com counterparts, except that they end in .mobi. For example, HelloColumbus.com's mobile equivalent is HelloColumbus.mobi while HelloJacksonville.com's is HelloJacksonville.mobi.

The HelloMetro .mobi network also includes larger city web sites like HelloChicago.mobi, HelloSeattle.mobi, HelloDenver.mobi, HelloAtlanta.mobi and HelloLosAngeles.mobi.

"We've received great feedback from users who regularly access the HelloMetro.com web sites and are looking for the same information while on the go. We launched only three months ago and already we're getting 150,000 .mobi page views monthly," said Clark Scott, President and CEO, HelloMetro.com.

"Seeing HelloMetro expand its .mobi offerings to complement the full range of its .com sites is exciting. It proves that there is a growing demand for useful, local mobile content," said Trey Harvin, CEO of dotMobi, the company behind the .mobi domain.

A listing of all 1,400 HelloMetro websites can be found at HelloMetro.com. For individual city web sites, type “Hello” plus “City Name” plus ".com" or ".mobi" (for example, http://www.HelloNewYork.com or http://HelloNewYork.mobi).

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