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My K810i For W950i

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Posted by mo-00786
Hi people,
i was browsing gumtree and emailing people and one man accepted my offer for his w950i for my k810i

his w950i is unlocked
comes with cds
and charger
(no headset)(no pouch)
and its unlocked

my k810i
comes with
and its on orange

is it worth it
i dont use the camera much
listen to music alot
worried about usability of w950i
and are the speakers loud on them
and is it loud through headphones?


and does w950i support flash themes

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Posted by strizlow800
I think you should keep your K810. It has way more features than the W950. The W950 is walkman smartphone, but you cannot mod that phone as you can mod the k810 and the W950 hasn't got camera. You will MISS the camera A LOT imo... Keep your current phone...

Posted by mo-00786

Posted by gregface
somewhat frustrating to text on w950i and touchscreen is a bit of a hassel. Unless you need UIQ3 for satnav + other programs then I would avoid.

Posted by mo-00786
what about the music volume on it?

Posted by gregface
speaker is average, not as loud as w550i, headphones will be okay i think. Only used w950i shortly.

Posted by mo-00786

there should be someone that has one here

Posted by tranced
i had one for a while and i wouldnt change it. better keep it.

Posted by mo-00786

Posted by NightBlade
Keep yer K810 - that's me advice.

Posted by mo-00786
bump...can any1 answer all questions

supposed to go tomorow to pick it up so need answers qwik qwik qwik

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Posted by mo-00786

Posted by *Jojo*
Keep your K810i dude ! But the way I see your responses . . . looks like you are KEEN in gettin' the W950i after all Go ahead ! !

Posted by mo-00786
lol not really i just want an answer to all my questions thats why i keep bumping it

Posted by djtwistter
kepp yhe k810

Posted by 045crew
Keep your K810 and buy a 4GB m2 card than it is the same

U'r phone is much younger and newer and has the 3.2 MPx cam.

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