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Phone Flashing Tutorial XS++

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Posted by luke@k800
when can we flash db3150?
in 1 year?

Posted by Haqq
I'm really confused what firmware should I be downloading I have a w580i

Heres info:

18:50:32| Profiling SEMC phone...
18:50:32| Platform: DB2020
18:50:32| OTP CID: 51
18:50:32| EROM CID: 52
18:50:32| EROM Color: Red
18:50:32| IMEI: 35683401xxxxxx
18:50:32| Phone ID: W580
18:50:32| Region: EUROPE_1
18:50:32| CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A
18:50:32| Firmware Version: R6BC002
18:50:32| EROM: R3A022
18:50:32| Ready for operation!

Posted by tranced
@luke: just be patient.

@haqq: it depends on you. there are many versions of firmwares for w580.

these are some of them(or maybe all):
  1. R8BE001
  2. R8BA024
  3. R6CA001
  4. R6BC002
  5. R6BA020

Posted by Trucie
I have a new K810i and i want to flash it to R8
I already have:
Main: K810_R8BA024_MAIN_GENERIC_SM_RED52.mbn
FS: K810_R8BA024_FS_EUROPE_3_RED52.fbn

but i dont know wich custpack/finalization files i need.
can someone help my find it?

Here some information: from my K810i in XS++:
Profiling SEMC phone...
Baseband ID: DB2020
EROM Color: Red
Phone ID: K810
Network: EUROPE_3
CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A
Firmware Version: R6BC002
EROM: R3A022

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Posted by tranced
when you're gonna customize(finalize) your phone use this: CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A

Posted by Trucie
I already searched for the CDA file it but cant find it.
Maybe someone can send it to me or has a link to download it

Posted by tranced
xs++ has a pack of customs. what xs++ are you using?

Posted by Trucie
I'm using XS++ 3.1

Posted by tranced
and where are you from?

if youre using the v3.1 read the step 4 of this tutorial: Tutorial | Flashing/GDFS-operations/Uploading files with XS++, Guide to flashing your phone with XS++

Posted by Trucie
I'm from Holland (the Netherlands)

Posted by Trucie
Can anybody send me the right custpack wich the right CDA number for the Netherlands i cant find it. Or maybe a link to download the right files.

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Posted by tranced
try to get a custom from your region then. i dont really know where to get that.

i mean, when you are about to finalize your phone with xs++, dont you get a CDA exactly as your current one?

current: CDA: CDA102295/1 R2A

Posted by Trucie
My mobile K810i is not in the list of custpacks in the program XS++

Posted by tranced
well, you will need to upload files manually by drag and drop.

Tutorial | Uploading Files Using XS++ V3.1

let me see if i can get a custom for you

or give a look at the http://cybershot.4shared.com > firmware

Posted by Trucie
If you can get me a custom i would be very glad. Thanks

I downloaded:

but can i use this because i dont want another language i need EUROPE 3 i think. It must by in Dutch. (The Netherlands)

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Posted by athiwatc
Am dead
After I Flash Both Main And Fs I got "Configuration error, please contact network operator for information"

and I tried Customize File System but it doesnt work

im in Pakistan and my Phone is K770i

Posted by markztrance
hello to all..

to all modders, can someone explain this???

after i accidentaly bricked my phone (k750i) after i flash it in xs, someone said that i have to backup my GDFS and then restore it. after i follow it, (succesfully back up it ) at the middle of my restoring the GDFS, it appears:

18:37:41| Restoring the GDFS...

18:37:41| Attempting to write 1417 variables...

18:39:56| Failed: Block 0x02 Unit 0x0CF0

18:39:57| Failed: Block 0x03 Unit 0x0FB1

18:39:58| Failed: Block 0x03 Unit 0x139E

18:40:01| Failed: Block 0x05 Unit 0x1F83

18:40:04| Wrote 1417 variables!

18:40:04| GDFS was restored successfully!

18:40:04| GDFS operation was successful

18:40:06| Disconnected... Unplug the phone

18:40:21| Shutting down...

failed, failed, failed, failed... but it says successfully restored.
as i expected, my fone wont turn with this method. can someone help me in this situation??

Posted by matthew23
hello guys, after i flash my phone with .fbn and .mbn files using XS.3.1, can i put the custom files that way? : connect-(configuration)FSX-and then going to the .dir tpa-preset-custom, there delete original custom files and put there files which i downloaded? or putting custom files after flashing firmware must be done other way? thx for answer ..and sorry for bad english

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Posted by Vita2U
XS++ Still not supporting W910i?

Any news of when it will?

Posted by tranced
@athiwatc: where did you upload the files to?

@matthew: you shouldnt delete anything as it shouldnt be any file there

@vita: no

Posted by matthew23
so there will be no custom files and i must put there files which i downloaded before?...and can i do it that way i wrote in my last reply?

Posted by tranced
yes, you must upload it(drag and drop) with xs to the CUSTOM folder

Posted by matthew23

On 2008-03-08 17:09:43, tranced wrote:
yes, you must upload it(drag and drop) with xs to the CUSTOM folder

so putting custom files its like changing a cam.driver or acoustic...i dont need to mark something from Wayin: e.g. breakXS or something like that?

Posted by tranced
yep, it is the same. drag and drop all the custom files to the CUSTOM folder in your phone, using the FSX with xs++ v3.1

Posted by matthew23

On 2008-03-08 17:25:54, tranced wrote:
yep, it is the same. drag and drop all the custom files to the CUSTOM folder in your phone, using the FSX with xs++ v3.1

yes..i put new cam.driver and acoustic driver yet...and now i want to flash to current firmware because this is horrible

Posted by Golku
what does this means:S?

21:00:43| Ready for operation!
21:02:18| Sending loaders\\db2010_cid00_prodid_r2f.bin...
21:02:18| This is a PRODUCTION_ID loader
21:02:18| Sending loaders\\db2010_cid00_cert_r2e.bin...
21:02:18| This is a CERTIFICATE loader
21:02:18| Breaking in...
21:02:18| Waiting for breakin hello...
21:02:18| Sending loaders\\db2010_cid36red_flash_r2ab.bin...
21:02:19| This is a FLASH loader
21:02:19| +++ Now flashing firmware main...
21:02:19| Sending flashfile C:\\Documents and Settings\\Admin\\Desktop\\http---soubor.iprotebe.cz-files-sony_ericsson-firmware-W800_R1BD001_MAIN_EU_1_CA_RED36\\W800_R1BD001_MAIN_EU_1_CA_RED36.bin
21:02:19| 291 flashblocks
21:02:19| Binary acknowledge failed with: 15
21:02:19| Failed
21:06:26| ++ Error: Flashing failed
21:06:26| Disconnected... Unplug the phone
21:08:33| Shutting down...

Posted by tranced
for me, it means that you need the MAIN in mbn format and the FS in fbn format. you have bin files.

Posted by Golku
where can i find them ? or can you find them for me i got a w800i cid 36

Posted by tranced
FS: http://www.4shared.com/accoun[....]ED36.html?sId=JYA6QjqP06LZ4m34

MAIN: http://www.4shared.com/accoun[....]ED36.html?sId=JYA6QjqP06LZ4m34

CUSTOM: http://www.4shared.com/accoun[....]CA_2.html?sId=JYA6QjqP06LZ4m34

Posted by rrojas260
I want to flash my k810 but my CDA is CDA102779/93 and i cant seem to find the custom packs anywere. I have AMERICA_2 so, can i flash it using a custom pack that doesnt match my CDA like this one HB1-06_Gen_CDA102568_16_R8A_GENERIC_AMERICA_2 ?

thx in advance

Posted by alfath
hai all, i wanna flash my K800i to the newest firmware i've heard.
current installed things in my phone is:
06:50:25| Profiling SEMC phone...
06:50:25| Platform: DB2020
06:50:25| OTP CID: 51
06:50:25| EROM CID: 52
06:50:25| EROM Color: Red
06:50:25| IMEI: 35731501xxxxxx
06:50:25| Phone ID: K800
06:50:25| Region: APAC
06:50:25| CDA: CDA102568/101 R6A
06:50:25| Firmware Version: R1KG001
06:50:25| EROM: R3A022
06:50:25| Ready for operation!

and i've downloaded these files:

this is my first time flashing the phone, is those files can be flashed into my phone or there's something i need to do first? and if anybody can be generous, may i get fs and custom files with english and arabic language, see i've bought my phone from indonesia, but now i stay in egypt... anyone can help me... sory i newbie bout these things

Posted by tranced
those files are enough for you i think

follow the tutorial and ask if you have any questions

Posted by pd_trash
can anybody post link bout the right CDA so that I can choose the right CDA for my phone thnks in advance ^^

Posted by tranced
what's your phone?

Posted by pd_trash
k810i and I'm from philippines

Posted by tranced
if that's the case, you will need an APAC custom for k810. preferible a generic one so you wont have any settings from a specific operator

Posted by pd_trash
^- thanks sir, I try to flash my k810 later and I read some previous post that I you should choose the right CDA

btw sir tracend what is APAC custom?


Posted by tranced
CDA = custom

Posted by alfath
thanks a lot bro, finally i've flashed my phone with R8BF but not with those files, after reading step by step tutorial and asking around the forum hehehehe... now my phone is:
17:01:11| Profiling SEMC phone...
17:01:11| Platform: DB2020
17:01:11| OTP CID: 51
17:01:11| EROM CID: 52
17:01:11| EROM Color: Red
17:01:11| IMEI: 35731501xxxxxx
17:01:11| Phone ID: K800
17:01:11| Region: EUROPE_2
17:01:11| CDA: CDA102568/11 R8A
17:01:11| Firmware Version: R8BF003
17:01:11| EROM: R3A022
17:01:11| Ready for operation!

Posted by tranced
do you have the languages you need?

Posted by alfath
APAC custom, custom file that contains Asia Pacific language files, is that right mr tranced?

Posted by alfath
i found nothing for arabic files.. im googling for FS and CDA that support arabic but none i've found

Posted by tranced

On 2008-03-18 19:06:28, alfath wrote:
APAC custom, custom file that contains Asia Pacific language files, is that right mr tranced?
yep. APAC = Asia PACific

if you want arabic, then look for a FS EMEA5 or EMEA6

here's a list: http://www.topsony.com/foro/cmps_index.php?page=info_lenguaje

i jay0726||i missing clara ||most helpful member, according masseur||telefonicos

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Posted by 13chanty1
Does it work for z610i se?

Posted by tranced
yes, it does

Posted by Nannz
Does anyone have the translation or something for the iprotebe.cz website?....I dont even know what language it is...I can't download by fs amd main firmware....please help!

Posted by tranced
that's from Czech Republic. google seems to not have that language in its translator.

what firmware are you looking for?

Posted by VILLA21
I want to flash my K800 R1KG001 with the latest R8BF003. Is it possible to flash it with K800_R8BF003_FS_EUROPE_4_RED52 and then add the Greek lang ? Or this can be done simply by finalizing it with CDA102568/4 R4A?
Hmm, confused...

here's the log of XS++
Phone ID: K800
03:41:05| Region: MEDITERR
03:41:05| CDA: CDA102568/4 R4A
03:41:05| Firmware Version: R1KG001
03:41:05| EROM: R3A016

Posted by ill1dan
FS and custpack region must match. For Greek language u need MEDITERR FS and customisation.

Posted by VILLA21

On 2008-04-04 16:57:09, ill1dan wrote:
FS and custpack region must match. For Greek language u need MEDITERR FS and customisation.

yes, i know, the problem is that i cannot find the MEDITERR firmware for R8BF003 anyone can help pls?

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