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Phone Flashing Tutorial XS++

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Posted by Boysie
This is off topic anyway. Continue in your topic.

Posted by AlexJumper
Ok sry for the off topic

Posted by cynister
Hi, I wanted to try flashing my K800i using the instructions found here in the forum. However, I'm not sure if flashing is the right thing to do to fix it. A few months ago, I started having problems with the display - colors were all messed up, the screen would show a couple of vertical lines of varying colors so I couldn't see clearly what's on my screen. Restarting the phone used to bring back the display to normal but after a while, it didn't work anymore so I stopped using the phone. Just recently, I tried to use it and all I get is a white screen. When I turn it on, I don't see the start up screen/logo, just white and then after a couple of seconds, the lights would go off as if the phone was going on standby.
I've updated the software using the tools from SE's website but it didn't work. The phone can still be accessed using PC Suite (file manager/transfer). It can still receive calls and take pictures.
Can anybody help me? I'm not sure if the problem is with the software or the screen itself.

Thanks in advance.
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Posted by dierdre
Thank you for posting this tutorial. Do you have a link for the appropriate firmware for the SE W995?
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