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Htc Touch

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Posted by djtwistter
Hey i got this phone today and if any one had any question do ask and am going to write a reviews about it next week when i get free time thanks

Posted by leeboy13
hi, lots of questions....

first of.....

im trying to take a picture, when i fire up the camera it ssays i need to shut down soem programs - theres none running tho..... not in the normal programs or 'exclusive programs'.... help me...

it worked yesterday and i cant get it to work now Grrrrrrr lol

Posted by gola
i dont need to have that mobile phone to establish that it needs to go back to where you got it from,it might have something faulty...has it always been doing that?

Posted by leeboy13
nope.... its worked until now..... apprently a soft reset sorts it - stil la apin... ok, another dumb question that anyone may know.... what will i lose by doing a soft reset?


Posted by djtwistter
try to make sure you anit got other software running when you use it and make sure you use an updated rom

Posted by leeboy13
erm.... how do i update the rom etc???

im lost butty.... it wqas all working etc... any ideas?

Posted by djtwistter
go there http://forum.xda-developers.com/ then unlcok cid and phone then choses a rom you like and flash it

Posted by DickySnapples
offical roms are available from htc.com .although im not sure if they've got the latest touch rom

Posted by leeboy13
ok, wont this void my orange warrenty? if so... there HAS to be another way

surely...... back to the prevous question though... what do i lose with a soft reset?

Posted by leeboy13
no-one know this?


Posted by DickySnapples
you lose bugger all afaik. I used to do it every now and again on my TYTN and never lost anything

Posted by leeboy13
ok, decided to bite the bullet after waiting for an answer, shocked no-one knew this mind you.......

but for future reference peeps... a soft reset loses nothing atall

there you go, one helpful person

**added - thanks Dicky mate** and by the way - solved the camera prob as suspected job done!

i Leightons mum!!!!!

[ This Message was edited by: leeboy13 on 2007-10-09 15:34 ]

Posted by Raja
Does anyone know when and what might be the 'Touch' replacement? I mean in terms of TYTN being replaced by TYNT II.
Something that is as small as the Touch, but more powerful, thinner and lighter?

Posted by jcwhite_uk
There is now the Touch Dual which is basically a Touch with extra keyboard,3G and a lot faster processor.

Posted by Raja
Sadly the Touch Dual lost WiFi. Lets hope the next version has everything of the Touch and the Touch Duo; Plus it might be smaller.

Posted by leeboy13
smaller? the orignal touch is a minter!

its tiny, thin and powerful! but there was a upgraded touch released with double the ram etc......

top phone to be fair!

Posted by leeboy13
anyone updated their ROM's and found a good one? i want something that runs sweet and looks uber cool

anythign atall touch users?

Posted by deepsme
@raja haven't you heard of the Touch Cruise? Was launched back in November..

Posted by Raja
I have read up about the touch cruise, it just seems that little bit bigger. I was looking for the the touch cruise features in the normal touch size casing.
Since the announcement of the X1, that looks like my first choice unless HTC bring out something equally amazing (I doubt it).

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