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USS - United Slavic States

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Posted by Malimrav
Salute brothers. I am going to write this topic in English becouse I think that most of the people know this language. I have some questions and i need your opinion about the idea of creating a new contry which will include all slavic states and unite all slavs as well.

Three major problems seem to appear that can prevent creation of the "Great Slavia"

First of all is the language. What will be the official langluage in Slavia? I know that there is a new created slavic language called Slavio but is this language completed and can it replace completly the existing languages.
Second is the religion. Slavic people are very religious. So do we create a new relirion, some mixture beetween catholic and orthodox, or we keep them bouth. ( Don't forget that the war in yugoslavija was on religious base).
And the third and most important is are the slavic people ready to accept this changes wilingly.

pls. respond i bealive this is important topic for discussing

Posted by boto43
I see only one problem which can stop create your idea - slavic state.
EU. maybe second - usa

Posted by EmulatorNoob
Well language would be Old Church Slavonic (language of Great Moravia - mother of all Slavs). We all should give people liberty of religion. And I am sure that if Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and USSR were states, then Great Slavia would not be a problem if we had a good politics I thought about one Slavic state for a long time. I am glad that I found a brother Slav who thinks about same thing

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