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No GPS signal - Holux GPSslim240 + tomtom nav 6 + w950

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Posted by macp

I wonder if anyone can help me out. I cant seem to find any threads with the advice I need.

I just bought a Holux GPSslim240 + tomtom nav 6 for my w950 and cant seem to get a signal.

I have installed tomtom fine.

I have also used the SirfDemo application from Holux website and it seems that me receiver finds satelites ok connecting over bluetooth to my pc.

When I run tomtom my w950 hooks up to my holux ok but just says 'No valid GPS signal' in the GPS status screen (in config).

I am not sure what to try next?

Anyone else got this combination working?


Posted by Nanu
Under the blue tooth settings menu have you clicked on the holux device and enabled the trust this device box?

If you do that you should find it'll work!

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Posted by milli260876
have you chose other gps reciever in tomtom set-up on w950 ? sorry if this post is teaching you to suck eggs....
also i find sometimes the pairing fails on my gps reciever, go into bluetooth and refresh it - that works for me

Posted by macp
Thanks Nanu, loads of good info on these forums

I hadn't enabled the 'trusted device' setting for my holux, but I have now. I am going to try it out on my drive today see if it will pick up some signal. Really cloudy though so dont think that'll help

I'll let you know if it works.

Posted by artesea
Cloud shouldn't be a problem with a HoluxSlim. I get a great signal inside my office and the only time I get drop outs are in tunnels or very heavily built up areas.

Posted by 701
Get out of the house or basement(don't laugh,ppl tried to connect from there) and if still doesn't work,try with other phone.

Posted by macp
Doh! It still doesn't work. I just drove half way across the U.K. and back and it didn't get any signal at all in tomtom. Think somethign must be wrong somewhere.

Does anyone know any other free/demo software I can try to see if I can get any signal on my phone from Holux?

Posted by Nanu
Did you try as milli260876 had suggested?

As I seem to remember having to do that also!

Posted by macp
yeah, I tried that too. I'm a bit stumped now, I just need to figure out if it's the receiver or tomtom?

Posted by macp
Cool, sorted it out!

The problem was that the Holux is set to incorrect baud rate for TomTom. It needs to be set to 4800, and was set to 34800 from the factory.

To change to the baud rate you can use SiRFDemo software which you can download free. Just connect up your receiver (SiRF based of course!) and then click on Action > Switch to NMEA protocol. There, just select 4800 for baud rate and click send.

All done.

Works great now. Thanks for all the help even though it was something else Hope this helps someone else.

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