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W810i PC Suite and Windows ME

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Posted by chrissyman

I just bought a W810i, found out after I got home that I need 2000 or XP to install the PC Suite, can I get software to use with Windows ME? Love the fone, wanna keep it,,,, please help!!!

Posted by BobaFett
its not a proper answer


but seems me isnt the best for fone support...

Posted by Horonaim
Your best bet would be to upgrade to Win 2000 or, preferably, XP. ME is old already and most softwares have dropped support for it already.

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Posted by arien617
I might add to what Horonaim said, XP is being retired next year around end of January time so if you are going to upgrade, do it some time soon... Or get Vista.

Posted by Horonaim
Hmm... arien is right. Sorry. Its either XP or Vista now. But the PC Suite is not compatible with Vista yet, or is it already? correct me if im wrong.

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