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n95 and text messages

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Posted by djsaad1
I am getting text messages from family and friends. But when I go on different sites that need to send me confirmation numbers via sms I won't get those. I have tried it with 4 different sites and no messages are getting to my phone. Is there a setting I am overlooking?

Posted by jcwhite_uk
Have you tried your sim in another phone to confirm it is the phone? It might be your network or the sites that you are waiting texts from.

Posted by djsaad1
I have not checked recently, but this sim was in my p990 which these messages came through on.

Its not just one site its many sites so I am thinking something is blocking them from comming through, I am thinking its a setting somewhere.

Posted by themarques
Try this, go into messaging->options->settings->service message-> make sure its set to on and automatically.

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