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No "Continue Anyway" button for a reflash on SEUS v

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Posted by mode
I read a post in the GSM-forum saying that reflashing the phone is impossible with the latest updater version because there's no "continue anyway" button after it has detected that you have the latest f/ware.


That completely blows for anyone who wants a reflash. But apparently the older v2.7.3.10 allows you to do this. Does anyone have any download links to this version, I completely missed this update, and I would like to keep one for a rainy day, just in case I might need it. The flash-gone-bad horror stories are really creeping me out and I would like my P990 to remain problem free

Posted by masseur
its always been the case that sometimes you see it, and sometimes you don't. I have never found a pattern for it

but I can tell you that with the latest SEUS I am offered a "continue anyway" when checking for new firmware on M600

so the feature is there but how to make it appear is another question

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
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Posted by alinefx
not true since i get that option for my P990 GW1 with the latest SEUS

Posted by cadcad
In all cases, whatever the SEUS version's is, it'll update itself to the latest when u launch it.

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Posted by masseur
@cadcad, you've misunderstood. this is not about updating SEUS, this is about being given the opportunity to apply the same firmware to the phone when no firmware update is available. i.e. a reflash

Posted by tinaxdgreat
It is very much possible to reflash your phone even if it says it has the latest firmware because there is an option "continue anyway" after it says it has the latest firmware (of your phone). i have done 2 or 3 times of reflashing my phone already using the latest update service (version So nothing to worry about. There is the "Continue Anyway button".

Posted by masseur
lol, yes, but the whole point of this thread (if anyone is reading the first post) is that sometimes you don't get that option. it does not always appear

Posted by tinaxdgreat
lol, oh yeah!!! masseur did you read it? is it there in the sentence of the first post that "sometimes it does not appear" ? you better read it again plese.

Posted by masseur
alot of misunderstanding going on here

no, I wasn't saying that those words were explicitly in the first post, but your first post sounded like you were saying the option was "always" there, despite earlier posts from myself and another saying that it is "sometimes" there, and the point of my last post was that the first post is about it not being there

clear as mud eh?

anyway, to sum up... sometimes its there and sometimes its not! (phew!)

Posted by mode
Well, it's good news to know that some of you guys have managed to do a reflash with the latest updater, thank you heaps for the feedback But along with good news usually comes the bad one as well, hope I would get the "continue anyway" option if and when it has to come to that.

Posted by aremaboy
Guys, if you read the link posted by OP, you'll know why SEUS 'rejects' the phone. He made a mistake by typing the wrong CDA number in his attempt to update his Symbian PDA phone via Kulan Kendi. That's the root of all problems. So, as long as you have the correct CDA, when the latest is already there but you still want to re-update, no problem at all.

Posted by masseur
thats fine, but what I am saying is that I have had occassion on SEUS where I have not seen the continue option. That includes with earlier versions of the firmware on my M600 which lately I have seen that option, but also with my K800 and other phones, and I certainly haven't messed with their CDA

I also recall other posts here where people have mentioned about not seeing the continue option too, so I think there is more to it

Posted by aremaboy
Brown phones, some SEtool and Cruiser-updated phones do not have this Continue Anyway either.

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