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Scouse and Aussie dialect.

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Posted by arien617
Here's a list:

-20 bag (a 20 bag of marijuana/weed)
-ackers - (money/cash)
-ace - (amazing,great)
-ale 'ouse - (pub)
-ali - (barber/hair dresser)
-antwakky - (antique/old fashioned)
-are-eh - pronounced "R A" - A complaint of misfortune or unfairness (e.g. "are-eh, that's proper arlarse that!")
-ah rov'ih - out of it
-arlarse - (mean, unfair or crafty person or act, also 'arl')
-auld - (old)
-aul'fella - father
-bag'ead - (heroin addict) / In Ellesmere port, also refers to a marijuana user
-bail - (run away)
-bang - (Threaten to harm somebody, e.g. 'I'll bang you lad')
-base van (police cctv vehicle)
-beak - (cocaine/the judge)
-beast/beastie - (great/boss)
-bevvie/bevvy - (alcoholic drink)
-bevvied - (drunk)
-bezzy - (best)
-biddie - (woman (normally old))
-biff - (a poor person/idiot)
-bifta/bifter - (cigarette/splif)
-big girl's blouse (wimp [male])
-bill - (alone/on one's own e.g. 'I'm on my bill')
-bills - men's underpants.
-billy - (a loner)
-binnie - (binman)
-bizzies - (the police)
-blue-nose - a person who supports Everton Football Club
-blurt - (semen/idiot)
-boff - (fart)
-boss - (excellent)
-bombdy - Burnt out or wrecked buiding
-boxer - (coffin maker)
-brass - prostitute
-bute - (a smug self righteous know-it-all/snob)
-cackhanded - (inept person or left-handed person)
-casey - (leather football)
-chief - (thief)
-chiefed - (stolen)
-chin - (to beat someone up/damage something e.g. 'I'll chin ya!')(Can also be used to describe someone smoking a cigarette quickly e.g. 'I chinned that fag)
-class - (really good)
-cob on - (sulking / angry as in "He has a cob-on")
-come 'ed - (come on, contraction of "come ahead")
-cozzy - (costume, usually swimming-)
-dead - (really, e.g. 'dead smart')
-dipper - (pickpocket)
-divvy - (stupid person)
-do in - (to beat someone up/damage something e.g. 'I'll do you in!'/'I did in my back')
-do's - (marijuana - "come round to do the do's la")
-Doris - Old woman
-duff up - (beat up)
-enog - entry/alley way
-emmy oggie - (empty house)
-firebobby - (a fireman)
-flomp (to hang and drop off a wall by ulitlizing the full lengh of the arms to drop the shortest distance) (Birkenhead)
-freemans - (someone else paying for the ale)
-fit - (good looking)
-gary - (ecstasy [tablet]. Named after Gary Ablett)
-geg - (to interrupt or be nosey)
-get - (idiot, sometimes preceded with "dozey" or "dopey")
-get onto - have a look at
-gizza - (shortened form of the words "give me a...")
-gizzit - (give it to me, contraction of "give us it")
-gob - (persons face/to spit)
-go 'ed - (shortened form of "go ahead", "go on", or "ok then")
-gozzie/gozzing - cross eyed/looking
-grid - (mouth or face "the ball hit me in the grid")
-gripped (to be caught doing something)
-grock - (Phlegm. Also a large intimidating person)
-head - (someone who is physically tough. Also used as a suffix to anything, usually describing characteristics e.g. 'you mad'ead')
-in a bit - (goodbye)
-is right - (an expression of support/approval/agreement)
-jarg/jay'go - (fake, awful)
-jigger - (back alley of a house. Also: on social security benefit/Giro "Im getting me Jigger on monday lerd")
jigger rabbit - (a cat)
-joey - (an idiot)
-judy - (young woman)
-judy scuffer - (a policewoman)
-kecks - (underpants or trousers)
-knackers - (testicles)
-khazi - (toilet)
-kidda - (lad, mate)
-la - (lad, friend)
-latchlifter - (price of half a pint of ale)
-laughin' - (good)
-'leccy - (electric)
-leg it - (run away)
-legger - (chase from somebody)
-luzz - (throw)
-ma - (mother)
-made up - (happy/pleased)
-Manc (offensive way of describing someone from Manchester) e.g (the dirty Manc)
-Mashed - (drunk/ can also mean beaten up)
-meff/muppet - (idiot)
-Nev - (Netherly)
-nob'ead - (idiot [offensive])
-oller - piece of wateland
-on toes - to run
-oh met - (Astonishment e.g. 'oh met did you see that la')
-our kid - Sibling (to refer to a brother or a sister)
-ozzie/ozzy - (hospital)
-penguin house - (a convent)
-ponker (puncture) (Birkenhead)
-pure - (meaning really, or a lot, e.g. 'I was pure embarrassed lerd'. Sometimes pronounced 'Pee-arr' e.g. 'That's pee-arrly jarg la')
-privvy - (the toilet)
-Red - a supporter of Liverpool Football CLub (e.g. "I'm a Red")
-Scally/Scal - (sub grouping of youths, similar to chav, shortened from scallywag meaning 'mischievous youth')
-scatty - (dirty/disgusting)
-scone 'ead - (idiot)
-scran - (food)
-scrat end - (Burnt chips)
-scruff/screff - (a poor person who doesnt wear good clothes)
-scuffer - (a policeman)
-shady - (dubious, unfair)
-sketchy - (dodgy)
-skinny - (sly/unfair)
-sloobag - (promiscuous person)
-smart - (great, brilliant)
-snaff - (a lie, a snaffer is someone who tells tale tales)
-Snaff - (multiplicitous)
-soft lad - (idiot - a term of endearment or aggression depending on context)
-sound - (good, well, I agree)
-sort (see do's)
-sly - (devious, nefarious, sordid e.g 'That's sly that')
-spends - (money)
-spoon - (To kick a ball badly, to make a mistake)
-swede - (A person's head e.g 'He is doing my swede in')
-swerve - (to avoid e.g "swerve tha lad")
-ta - tar (thank you)
-takey (a lift on someones bike)
-tatty'ead - (somebody with an objectionable/scruffy haircut)
-tocky - (toxteth)
-togger - footy
-tod - (alone/on one's own e.g. 'I'm just on my tod')
-trainies/trabs - (sports footwear)
-twirlie/twirly - (a female pensioner, a contraction of the question "Am I too early?" - asked of the bus driver, referring to the use of a free bus pass at off-peak times.)
-tax - (to steal e.g. 'I taxed it')
-us - (me)
-web - (kick "web it lad")
-west - (peculiar/unusual/mad)
-whopper - (prone to exaggeration)
-whip up - (trip someone up "he whiped me up lerd"
-Wool/Woollyback - (Non-Liverpudlians living in areas surrounding Liverpool)
-wrecks (to hurt/cause discomfort e.g. 'That's wreckin' my head')
-yews/youse - (plural version of "you")
-The lad - (as in "Alright the lad", in place of name)
-Walter - Old man
-web (punch e.g ill web ya lad)

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Posted by masseur
lol, ok, how about aussie lingo

Akubra - Brand of typical Aussie hat
Aggro - Aggressive
A kangaroo loose in the top paddock - Mentally deranged
Amber Nectar/Amber Fluid - Beer
Ambo - Ambulance or Ambulance Officer
Ankle-biter - infant/child
Are you having me on? - I do believe you're trying to trick me
Arvo - Afternoon
Aussie - Australian
Aussie salute - Using hand to wave away annoying flies
'Ava go ya mug - Are you perhaps incapable of performing this act?
Back of Bourke - used to describe anywhere far away, also a far Northern NSW town in the Outback.
Bananabender - Person from the state of Queensland (Queenslander)
Barbie - Barbecue, the backyard barbie, an Australian institution!
Bargain - Exclamation showing approval
Barney - Arguement,fight
Bathers (Victoria) - swimmingg attire
Battler - Someone who struggles to get by, financially, against the odds
Beaut - Beautiful, good - "You beaut!" (also 'Bewdy')
Berko - Go berserk, mad, crazy
Betcha - I bet you!
Big bikkies - Lots of money
Big smoke - The city
Big sticks - Australian Rules football goal posts
Bignote - A bighead
Bikie - Motorbike rider
Bikkie - Biscuit
Billabong - Waterhole
Billy - Tin used to boil water for tea, in the bush
Bingle - Car accident
Bit of a brothel - A mess!
Bitser - Mongrel;'Bitser this, bitser that!'
Bizzo - Business
Black Stump - Non-specific place in the outback
Bloke - Aussie male
Bloody oath! - I'm in total agreeance with you
Blotto - So drunk beyond the capacity to stand up
Blow-in - Newcomer
Blowie - Blowfly (huge fly)
Bludger - Lazy person
Blue - Argument, fight
Blue Heeler - Term for an Australian Cattle Dog
Bluey - A redhead! Or a swag
Boardies - Board shorts (for surfing or swimming)
Bonza - I think that's great!
Boofhead - Idiot
Boomerang - Scheme which backfires on you; originating from the Aboriginal weapon made from a curved piece of wood which returns when thrown in the air
Booze - Alcohol, normally beer!
Booze bus - Police vehicle used in Random Breath-Testing of drivers
Bottleo - Bottleshop/liquor store
Bozo - Idiot
Brekky - Breakfast
Brissie - Brisbane, Capital of Queensland (Also Brizzie)
Brownnose - A creep or crawler
Brumby - A wild horse
Buckley's - No chance!
Buck's night - Stag party
Bunyip - Mythical Australian creature with a piercing cry
Bush Telegraph - 'Grapevine', word-of-mouth
Bush tucker - Food gathered from nature, in the outback
Bushwalking - Hiking in the bush
Bust a gut - Work hard
Cancer stick - A cigarette
Catch some Zeds - sleep
Cheerio - goodbye, "see ya later"!
Chock-a-block - Nothing else can fit in
Choof off - Leave, depart
Chook - Chicken, term of affection, 'Chooky'
Chuck - To throw up, or be sick
Chuck a spaz - Be angry (Also 'chuck a mental')
Chuck a U-ie - Make a U-turn
Chunder - The delicate art of regurgitation, throw up
Cobber - Mate, friend
Cockie - Cockroach or Cockatoo
Coldie - An ice-cold beer
Compo - Worker's Compensation pay
Convo - Conversation
Cooee - A call used to find someone lost in the bush
Cool Bananas - Everything's great, fine!
Cop out - Give up or in
Cozzies (NSW) - swimming attire/costumes
Couch Potato - Person who watches TV for long periods of time!
Country mile - A great distance
Cow juice - Milk
Crash out - Go to sleep
Crash hot - Wonderful, the best
Crim - Criminal
Croc - Crocodile
Crock - Nonsense, rubbish
Crook - Ill, sick (or thief)
Croweater - Person from South Australia
Crumblies - Elderly parents
Cuppa - Cup of tea
Cushie - To have it easy
Dag - Idiot, or unfashionable person, wearing 'daggy' clothes / hairstyle (from sheep poo stuck to it's wool = dags)
Daks - Men's trousers
Damper - Bread made from flour and water on a campfire in the bush
Dead horse- Sauce/tomato sauce
Deadbeat - Tired
Dead cert - Definite, certain
Deadhead - Good-for-nothing person
Deadset - Truthful
Don't come the raw prawn - I don't believe you
Dero - Homeless person, derilict, hobo
Didgeridoo - Aboriginal musical instrument made from a hollowed log
Digger - Australian soldier (usually WW1 vets)
Dill - Idiot
Dinkie-Di - Genuine, honest
Dipstick - Stupid person
Dob in - Inform on someone (Dobber = Informant)
Doco - Documentary
Docs - Doctor Marten boots, popular in Australia especially amongst young people
Doona - Duvet, quilt
Doozey - Something nice or pleasing
Down Under - Referring to Australia or the South Pacific region
Drongo - A rather dimwitted person
Duds - Trousers
Dunny - Toilet, referring to the old outdoor unplumbed variety
Earbash - Non-stop chatter
Esky - Insulated cooler box
Facial-Fungus - Moustache or beard
Fair go - Reasonable chance
Fair Dinkum - Of course I'm telling the truth
'Fess up - Confess, own up
Fireie - Fire fighter
Five-finger discount - Act of sshoplifting
Flannie - Flannette shirt
Fleabag - Term for the family dog (non-pedigree)
Footy - Regional term for either Australian Rules Football (AFL), or Rugby League.
Fossil - Geriatric, old person
Franger - Condom
Freddo Frog - Small frog-shaped chocolate bar for children
Freebie - Something that costs nothing
Fruit loop - Idiot
Full-on! - Expression of approval or surprise; intense
Fun-bags - Breasts
Galah - Noisy, rude person, like the squawking bird from the parrot family of the same name.
Garbo - Garbageman, refuse collector, bin-man
G'Day mate - Pleased to make your aquaintance
G'Donya mate - I'm proud of you my friend
Give it a Burl - Attempt, try
Gonna Bail - Depart or leave
Good nick - Good condition
Googy or goog - Egg
Go on - I'm not entirely convinced you know what you're talking about
Grog - What you get blotto with...alcohol
Grog shop - Licensed outlet selling alcohol
Grommet - Young surfer
Grotty - Run-down, dirty
Grouse - fantastic, excellent, very good, cool!!
Grumblebum - Complainer
Gumsucker - Person from Victoria State
Gurgler - Plughole
Half your luck! - Congratulations!
Heave - To vomit
Hooley-dooley - Expression of suprise
Hoo-roo - Good-bye
Howya goin? - May I enquire about your welfare?
Howzat!? - What do you think about this one?
Idiot box - Television
I'm Bushed - I'm Tired
I reckon - I'm in total agreement with you
Jackaroo - Cattle or Sheep Station-hand
Jaffa - Orange-flavoured chocolate ball, with hard orange coating, traditionally rolled down the cinema aisle!
Jaffle iron - Camping tool, used to make a toasted sandwich
Jocks - Mens underpants
Joe Blow - Mr. Average
Joey - Baby Kangaroo
Jolly green giant - $100 notte, green in colour
Journo - Journalist
Jugs - Breasts
Jumbuck - Young sheep
Just joshin' - Just kidding
Kark it - Die
Kindy - Kindergarten
Kiwi - A New Zealander
Knock - to Criticise
Knockers - Breasts
Knuckle sandwich - A punch in the face (bunch of fives)
Larrikin - Playful person
Lay-by - Store system of paying for goods in instalments
Lingo- Language
Lippie - Lipstick
Liquid laugh - Vomit
Liquid lunch - Drinking beer at lunchtime
Maccas - A well-known fast-food chain, McDonald's
Mainlander - Person from Australian mainland to a Tasmanian
Mate - Friend
Metho - Methylated Spirits
Mexican - person from Victoria (state)
Middy - Glass of beer, 285ml or 10oz, in NSW/ACT & WA
Milko - Person who delivers milk
Moon tan - Pale-skinned person
Mozzie - Mosquito
Muck-up day - Last day of High School, a day of pranks and mischief!
Narky - Upset, moody
Neato - Excellent
Never Never - Remote outback place or term for hire purchase agreement
No Bull - It's the truth!
No kidding - I wouldn't lie to you
No worries - Leave it to me, I'll fix everything - It's OK, everything's fine!
Nong - Idiot
Norks - Breasts
Nude nut - Bald head, or very short haircut
O.S. - Overseas
Ocker - A Yob, common person
Old Cheese - Mother
Old Girl - Mother
Old Lady - Wife
Old Man - Father, or husband
Olds/Oldies - Parents
On the nose - Smelly
Onya - Good for you!
Pash - Kiss, 'Pash-on'
Pav - Pavlova-Australian desert; a meringue base with fruit and cream topping
Pavement pizza - Vomit
Perve - Lustful gaze
Petrolhead - Car enthusiast
Piccy - Picture
Pissed - Inebriated, drunk
Pissed off - Very very annoyed
Pinnie - Pinball machine
Play sillybuggers - Waste tiime, mess around
Plonk - Cheap wine
Pokies - Poker machines, slot or fruit machines
Pollie - Politician
Pommie - Term used to describe an English person
Pong - bad smell
Postie - Person who delivers mail
Pot - Glass of beer, 285ml or 10oz, in QLD & VIC; or marijuana
Pozzie - Position, seat
Preggers - To be pregnant
Prezzie - A present, gift
Pullya head in - You may be correct in your assertion but shut up!
Pushie - Pushbike, bicycle
Rack Off! - Your presence is no longer required
Rego - Registration
Rellies - Relatives
Retread - Person who returns to work after retiring
Revhead - car enthusiast/someone who drives fast
Ridgy-didge - Genuine, honest
Ring-in - An outsider, non-local or regular at a club or pub
Road-train - Long semi-trailer used to transport livestock over great distances
Roids - Steroids
Rollie - Hand-rolled cigarette
Roo - Kangaroo
Root - To have intercourse
Rottie - Rottweiller dog
Rubber-necker - Tourist or nosey person
Rugged up - Dressed in warm clothes
Rugrat - Crawling baby
Salad Dodger - Overweight person
Salvo - Salvation Army worker
Sandgroper - Person from Western Australia (State)
Sanger - Sandwich
Schooner - Large glass of beer, 425ml in NSW/ACT,NT & WA
Scratchie - Instant lottery ticket
Semi - Semi-trailer
Servo - Service, petrol/gas station
Sheila - General slang term for an Aussie female
She'll be right mate - This sittuation will turn out fine my friend
Shoot through - Leave (especially husband walking out on wife)
Shout - Round of beer/drinks
Shrapnel - Small change, coins
Sickie - Paid day off work, usually not due to illness; "I'm gonna chucka sickie tomorra"
Singlet - Sleeveless t-shirt or vest
Slab - Tray of beer, usually 24 cans
Sleep-out - Rear porch of house converted to extra bedroom
Smoko - Workbreak, to have a cigarette, or cup of tea/coffee
Snag - Sausage
Sook - Crybaby
Spag Bol - Spaghetti Bolognaise
Sparkie - Electrician
Sparrow's fart - Dawn
Speedos - Men's (tight) swimming pants
Spewing - Very upset, really mad! (also vomit)
Spin a yarn - Tell a story with exageration
Spit the dummy - Uncontrollably upset
Spunky - Good-looking,'hot'!
Sprogs - Offspring, children
Squiz - Have a look at
Stickybeak - Nosey person
Straight-up - Truthful, honest
Strewth! - I don't believe it!
Strife - Trouble
Strine - Australian lingo
Stubbies - Men's shorts or bottles of beer
Stubby Holder - Insulated holder to keep beer cool
Stuffed - Worn out, tired
Sucked in - Duped, conned
Sunnies - Sunglasses
T.A.B. - Totalisator Agency Board - betting shop
Take it easy mate - Don't puunch me
Tassie - Tasmania
Techie - Technician
Thingo - The word you substitute the name of something or someone you've forgotten!
This arvo - This afternoon
Thongs - Rubber sandals, flip-flops
Thunderbox - Toilet
TimTam - Chocolate sandwich biscuit, coated in chocolate. YUM!
Tinnie - Can of beer, or aluminium boat
Togs (Queensland) - Swimmingg attire
Top-ender - Person who lives at the top end of the Northern Territory
Trackie-daks - Tracksuit trousers
Treadly - Bicycle
Troppo - Slighty mad, from being in the sun too long
Truckie - Truck driver
True blue - Genuinely Australian
Tucker - Food
U-ie - U-turn
Uggies - Ugg boots-sheepskin boots or slippers, made of sheepskin
Undies - Underwear
Unreal! - Excellent!
Up yourself - Inflated ego
Ute - Utility van with tray top, used by tradesmen (pick-up truck)
Vegemite - Yeast spread; An acquired taste, useful hangover cure!
Veg out - Relax, lie like vegetables (usually in front of the TV!)
Vegies - Vegetables
Walkabout - Disappeared, gone on long walk
Westie - Person from Western suburbs of Sydney
Whadayawant? - Might I enquire about your needs? p;
Wharfie - Dock-worker
Whinge - Complain
Wanna rage? - Would you like to drink vast amounts of alcohol with me until we both drop? Or Let's Party!
Windbag - Chatterbox or moaner
Within cooee - Close by, in hearing distance
Wog - An illness, such as the flu
Woop Woop - Back of beyond, middle of nowhere
Yakka - Hard work
Yarn - Have a chat, to tell a story
Yobbo - Loudmouth, uncouth person
Yodel - Vomit
You little bewdy - I think you're/it's wonderful
You little bottler - You're tthe best
You little ripper - Words off praise fail me
You pong - Dear me, we do smell don't we
Your shout - If you value your well being you should buy the next round of drinks
Zonked- Exhausted

Posted by arien617

A sticky maybe?

Posted by BobaFett
u rember the fosters beer adv?

"how to speak australian?"

i loved the remore control

Posted by masseur
@arien617, I do like an optimist

Posted by axxxr
masseur you missed Yught or is it Yoot?

Posted by masseur
well, that was a cut and paste job but I really haven't heard those

any idea what they mean?

Posted by axxxr
Think it means a Pick-up truck or 4X4?

Posted by masseur
ah! you mean UTE! as in utility vehicle

oops! sorry arien617, didn't mean to take over the thread but thanks for changing the title

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
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Posted by axxxr
Thats the one!

Didn't know how to spell that!

Posted by BobaFett
any irish ppl online?



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