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MotoRAZR with imode flying off the shelves

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Posted by axxxr
Motorola,announced that MOTORAZR (M702iS) with iMode is flying off the shelves in stores all around Japan a week after the device began reaching retailers. MOTORAZR, which unites the power of DoCoMo's powerful FOMA(R) 3G network and its wildly successful iMode bouquet of services and content with the iconic MOTORAZR design, began selling in Japan on December 14.

Motorola and DoCoMo spent many months preparing to bring the top selling MOTORAZR to Japan, ensuring that the device would deliver a superior iMode experience. "We knew people were waiting for MOTORAZR, and we knew the Christmas season would be big. This proves it will be as big a hit in Japan as it is everywhere else," said Motorola's Michael Tatelman, corporate vice-president and general manager, Mobile Devices Business, North Asia. "This is the best possible endorsement of the strategy DoCoMo and Motorola have pursued in creating a device that is powerful yet elegant and sophisticated, and is a clear demonstration of how much people in Japan want a device like this." MOTORAZR is the thinnest(1) FOMA handset ever, measuring a mere 14.9mm.

The outer shell is made from anodised aluminium; the keypad is a thin, laser- etched metal sheet, and MOTORAZR's employment of innovative materials ensures that the phone has the look and feel of a premium mobile device. MOTORAZR is the first DoCoMo handset in the M70x series to combine Bluetooth(R) capability, DoCoMo's "World Wing(R)" 3G global roaming, and the full suite of iMode content and services, and marks the first time MOTORAZR - which has sold over 50 million units worldwide - has been made available in Japan. Catch MOTORAZR (if you can) in Hot pink, Neo black, and Cool silver at DoCoMo stores and authorized retailers nationwide.

Posted by driftmania
does the 702 in the model name mean the number of types of razr's there are?

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