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NES k750 Theme

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Posted by girlgeek
I just made my first theme, based on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's really simple, I've not had a chance to sit down and design one yet with Photoshop, but it's a start. How do I put it up for download? I'd like to share my effort with other gaming geeks

Whilst I'm at it, are there any reliable MSN Messenger clients? Also, are there any hot applications I could get for my phone at all, I've just gotten it and I'd love to know what useful/useless stuff is out there.


Posted by glorfingal
For your theme .... go to the free themes, select K750 and in the top
right you'll see "Upload Theme" fill in the details, the mods will check it
and it'll then (if OK) be on the list.

As to the rest .... I use IM+ on my K800i for MSN, but haven't got any
apps/games installed.

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