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Is the user usable memory for W550 is 231Mb ?

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Posted by ezhil
My W550 Walkman player didnt work all of a suddern, and I couldnt see any of the MP3 files stored in sounds folder. but the usage of memory showed as it is. So i took to service center they told me that my phone was affected with Virus and it was now removed. Also they have reflashed it. But now the phone shows only 231 Mb free space even I argued with the service Engineer he told me that 256 Mb Internal memory is including the firmware files but the user can allowed to store only 231mb. Is that true?

Posted by BobaFett
the internal memory incl the preinstalled items aswell, just as ringtones, thms etc, some of those can be deleted, so u can free up some more memory.

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