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help in decideing in buying a new phone

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Posted by eeiba
Here's the problem guys. I lost my precious K750 a few days back and I need a replacement soon. A new SE phone of course. Now here are my choices, either I just buy another K750, or any of these other phones: , W810 and the K610. (K800 is very expensive here)

Of course I like the W810. coz its got everything I want in a phone (2 MP cam with autofocus, Music player, and expandable memory) except for 3G, which I really want to have right now. K610 has 3G but lacks autofocus and the LED for night photos and has a loser internal memory.

Now heres the problem, if I take the W810, i'd have to wait a few more months before I can buy it as I still have to save money for it. K610, I can buy within a few weeks time. and I really want to use a good phone I'm currently using my old N6210.)

Here are my questions:
1. do take the K610 now. and if I do, how does the pictures compare to the K750 (if the fixed focus on the K610 will not be considered.)
2. do I wait and get the W810 and use a crappy cell for a few months or
3. Buy another K750.

Thanks guys

Sorry for the double post, Mods, Pls erase the other post Thanks again.

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Posted by BobaFett
if u dont need a 3g fone, take the w810. i got both, satisfied with them. k610 isnt that bad, but if i dont count the 3g feature, w810 is a bit "better" according the features.

Posted by shaliron
Yep, get the W810. Better in every aspect, apart from 3G and possibly design (but I like K610 better). Camera is far better in the W810 as well.

Posted by Manuel_max
w810 dude!!!!!


Posted by QuickShare
W810i aswell.. go for it!

Posted by BobaFett
but if u browse the internet ( and that feature is important for u ), get the k610. w810 is already an advanced one, but the k610 beats it.

Posted by Residentevil
W810 of course. I small step up from your K750 and same menu.

Posted by Dakteris
Hei!Does anybody did this change from K750 to K610..is it worth to do it???I also lost my K750 and now step back to K750 or K610 which design I like more...

Posted by thegreatone
i have the same problem i don't know which to get white w810 or white k610

Posted by BobaFett
k610 is the "light" version of k8 imo. if umts not a must at usage, no need to take it, as i mentioned before.

Posted by thegreatone
@boba so should i wait for the white w810?

Posted by Dakteris
I better like like K750 design not W810.. i know W810 is better but the price is to high here in Latvia...I will wait for someone who made K750 to K610 and then will think..of course there is no need for me for UMTS

Posted by apolloa
I think you will need to ask yourself if you really need 3G or not. If you do then get the K610I, it's very slightly smaller then the K750, it's thinner as it doesn't have the camera cover and still play's MP3's and has megabase. The K610I also DOES have expandable internal memory, it uses the M2 format which is much smaller then the duo card's your K750 takes but they are also cheaper to buy and may go up to 32GB in size eventualy.
You can get a flash add on for it that plugs into the bottom if you need it. But the camera doesn't have autofocus so the pictures aren't as good.

K610I photos:

W810I photos:

There is also the K618 comming out which is the same as the K610 but with bigger volume buttons and more of an emphasis on music playing:


Weather it's as good as the W810I for music I don't know. Personal choice at the end of the day but if you really need 3G then you have no choice.

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Posted by BobaFett
@thegreatone k610 is a very simple fone, nice design, but not that much advanced. w810 has the advantage, that it support still the mem stick, its still cheaper then m2. u should give a try for both imo before u make any decision

Posted by thegreatone
@boba just realise that k618 is also in white should i consider that as well as w810 and k610?also whats the difference with k610 and k618

Posted by i,Robot
If u cant wait take the W810, similiar to your K750 but without joystick so no problems there. If u can wait I'd hold out for the W850 due out soon, just the price of it may be restictive to your budget on its release

Posted by BobaFett
@thegreatone its the same fone in different design ( just as v630 )

Posted by eeiba
Thanks for the clarifications guys. I'v browsed the net serching for reviews on both the phones I mentioned. K610 has, as some of you have mentioned, a smaller size and lacks a few features compared to my beloved K750. I also saw some photos taken by a K610 compared with the K750, and most of has higher contrast and noisy. I guess I will go for the W810 if budget permits. If not guess I'll have to settle again for the K750 for the mean time. Thanks guys. Great help.

Posted by apolloa

On 2006-08-13 19:58:05, BobaFett wrote:
@thegreatone k610 is a very simple fone, nice design, but not that much advanced. w810 has the advantage, that it support still the mem stick, its still cheaper then m2. u should give a try for both imo before u make any decision

Well in the UK M2 memory is cheaper then Duo cards. You can buy 512MB Sandisk Duo for 18 with 40% of it's price. A Sony made 512MB M2 stick is the same 18 but at full price. So when Sandisk start to make M2 memory sticks they will be cheaper again.
But like I said that's in the UK and may not apply in your country.
Personally I prefer the K610 as it looks damn sexy, much nicer then the W810 and it's of a newer design and has 3G.
I would say why not just visit a shop and have a look at both phones if you can, it will make it easier for you then.

I was going to get a K800I, but I also like the M600I and the P990I all of which are going to offered for free on Orange tarrifs. But the only phone out at the moment is the K800I so I'm going to wait till there all out before I make my mind up as there is no replacement for seeing the phones in the flesh.
My perfect solution is the K610I and a P990I.

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Posted by *Jojo*
I'll go for the K610 here . . . good luck !

Posted by Bambino
wait for k618!

Posted by leo_asb
go for the w810i. k610i looks cheap and ugly or you may wait for the k618i model to come out. same specs as k610i but more good-looking and it's both 3G and musicphone (not walkman branded).

southern PH prices:
w810i costs around 15-16 thousand
k610i costs around 12-13 thousand

when I lost my k608i I bought a k750i but if k610i is around that time, i would have bought it instead.

Posted by eeiba
you're right about the prices. I would surely love the K610. My only qualm about he phone is the lack of flash light(helps a good deal when taking night pics) and lack of autofocus. FM radio is not a big concern right now. I've seen some pictures taken by the K610 and it has streaks all over it.


Is there a way we can improve the quality of the pictures taken by the K610?

Posted by leo_asb
adequate lighting would help in capturing decent pictures from a K610i. flash is indeed very useful not just as a torch but for taking pictures in the dark as well. fm radio is not that important.

i would recommend the K800i Cybershot if your budget permits. its flash is like that of digital cameras & not the torch (led) like in most phones. it also has a QVGA screen (320*240 resolution).

K800i costs around 20 - 21 thousand here in Southern PH.

it's pretty expensive though!

i wonder how much would it cost if it would be taken from a G-Plan? hmmm...

any ideas anyone? my subscription will end this coming August 31 and i'm planning to replace my K750i.

Posted by eeiba
No offerings just yet for the K800 on the g-plan. checked last sunday as I hae to get a new sim since I lost the one along with the K750. Gulo pa dn me as to whether to take the k610, w810(a little too much for my budget) or another k750i. K800 is way beyond my available budget right now,.

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