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download latest i-mate JAMin firmware?

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Posted by Mohit007
hello guys,
me wanted to download latest i-mate JAMin firmware.
please post a link from where to download the latest firmware.
and also am a clubimate.com member.
give me the specific(clubimate) download link.

and also steps about how to install it to the device after the download is completed.

thanking you.

Posted by masseur
I can't give you a link because you can only get into the support pages for the models you have registered.

However, its easy. just go to i-mate Club Support and pick your model Jammin and everything you need to know and download is there

Posted by Mohit007
@masseur thanks buddy. you are really helpful.

how to install the firmware after it has been downloaded? any steps? or precautions while installing it?

Posted by masseur
I've never had a problem but obviously you should do a full sync before statring and copy off any data you want to keep that does not get sync'd because these updates wipe everything.

other than that, download, unzip, run the executable and follow the instructions exactly and you wont have a problem

Posted by Mohit007
@masseur i am downloading the rom update now. thanks

what time does it take to install it? i am worried coz i dont have a UPS

Posted by masseur
it takes 15-20 minutes to do the actual install of the new firmware

do you have regular power outages? if not then don't worry.

I understand that its quite restartable anyway, though as mentioned I have never had to do it

Posted by Mohit007
@masseur thanks dude, i did the update and it took 10 mins for it.

thanks a billion!

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