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Freaky ebay listing

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Posted by DickySnapples

very strange

seller has drilled a hole in its head so you can hang it fron your wall

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Posted by PeterKay
some people!

Posted by axxxr
Very weird to say the least.

Posted by scottt
LOL what the heck...

Posted by ghostfreak

Posted by SE Rules
What were you searching for in the first place? lol


Posted by Sammy_boy
Looks like a modified lifesize Jar Jar Binks doll!

Some muppet's spent $1550 on it as well!

Posted by Xugaa
If you read the questions, it says that the seller was going to drill a hole into its head but was pursuaded not to by his friends.

The question...


Posted by Xugaa
This one seems real since its in the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University...


And this one found in the Phillipines is quite wierd and is apparently being studied or something in Singapore behind heavy security... was apparently washed up during the big 2004 Tsunami?


Posted by Glenny
i thought it would look like a woman, but eeessshhh! that aint natural! there goes a good nights sleep

Posted by p900 lover
reminds me of the invasion program on uk tv

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