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FS: 5 x n90

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Posted by dealer3
5 x n90, brand new simfree, no box, phone + batt + charger + mem card...355 del each
kindest regards

WHY? INTERPAL RESPECT Islam dealer3@hotmail.com

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Posted by bajillions
can u post pics next to a piece of paper with ur username and the date? im ver interested in one of these but ive had issues getting one in the past

Posted by solidsingh
bajillions im 99.9% sure dealer3 is legit if it helps

Posted by Coxy
5 N90s, but all without boxes? hmmm

Posted by SE-Naz
Ive dealt with dealer3 many times never messed me around either.


Posted by JohnM
Would I be right in assuming they come with standard wall chargers also?

Posted by dealer3
mmm, dunno wot to say...
thanks for the vote of confidence
now, no pics, as the phones are not with me at home...but these are physical stock...i have plenty of refs (on this site as well as others)
these are 100% legit...
u will have no problems...
if u do i will give u a 100% refund (can't refund postage) but 350 refund is gd enough i think!
so hey if u want 1 or more...give me a pm and we can sort something out...
as described...phone, batt + mem card...
if u desperatly need a charger then i can chuck in one orignal one...but it may be used...
kindest regards

Posted by bob2k4
i'd like to point out to those potential buyers (and dealer3 this isn't a dig its just to save complaints at a later stage) The N90 doesn't work with standard Nokia wall chargers (unless you have the adapter which comes with the N90) as the N90 pin is smaller. The standard chargers (like those found with 6680, etc) are too big and will not plug into the N90

Posted by Ridahz
basically the same charger as the N70

Taking trades man?

Posted by jenbones
Any Pics? can i take the lot?

Posted by dealer3
will trade with brand new boxed phones only...depending on phones...
pm ben...

Posted by amnesia
its not about trust, it's for new members or those who haven't dealt with you that want to feel more secure (i'm sure it'll help you own sales as well)

Posted by Ridahz
aww man got this here that needs a good home lol

if u want me to edit the post i will man would just like to see if interested

Posted by dealer3
bro, no worries...we talk via pm

Posted by dealer3
i edited the first post...these do come with chargers...i was wondering what the posts bout chargers were bout...lol
thanks for your help...

Posted by captainsm
Trade for a boxed W810i Prototype with final production hardware and all stuff that comes with it retail?

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Posted by dealer3
i havent a clue what its worth mate...

3 n90's left...

Posted by captainsm
It's worth a N90.

Posted by dealer3
i do not want it...

Posted by dealer3
only 1 left!!!!
335 delivered...
first come frist serve...
i'll allow questions, nothing too taxing

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