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Any W550i firmware details and bugs?

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Posted by mrscarrface
Any details for W550i firmware and the bugs on each firmware?

Posted by Sammy_boy
On my version (r4a) on O2 there seems to be a bug where the phone won't test the speaker or loudspeaker in the service menu, only one I've found so far!

Posted by popon
Did anyone update new firmware for this phone?

Posted by bounce550
hi newbie here!

I got a w550i on o2 PAYG.

Its an ok phone but I really wanna get rid of the branding, anyone know if anyones done it successfully yet??

If so whats the best software/service to use?

It seems ok other than that I cant update the software.

would like to be able to unlock it too.

Cheers people!

ps. software version is - R4AB048

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Posted by aman3660
UPDATE software for w550i is available on SE's site... anybody tried updating???.... mine doesnt go further ...just shows DETECTING PHONE

Posted by aman3660
now its R4BA041.
Sammy Boy the bug u pointed out is resolved now...i tested it.
Dunno if earlier the shutter sound came on silent mode...but now it doesnt.

Posted by Sammy_boy
Can't seem to do it yet via gprs, might have a go the old fashioned way using the usb cable!

Posted by aman3660
well i did it via usb cable only...

Posted by bounce550

Mines on o2 in the UK.

Did you use the cable that came with the phone??

Posted by Rookwise
When I try to do the update via gprs I get the message saying that my W550 has the latest software already.
Mines a generic, sim free, UK model.

Software version is: R4AB048

Posted by bounce550
mines the same software but want to get rid of the o2 software!

& if I do get it unbranded will this unlock it too?

Thanks in advance


Posted by jasond
With this new update over GPRS system - are you able to tell me if operators will charge regular GPRS costs to download the firmware, or does it go through different channels? I know that with DaVinci, the firmware is about 18Mb!

This phone is EDGE, yes? How long did it take you to download the firmware?

I'm on Telstra in Australia, and right now there is really no economical way of using GPRS. 2c per KB, 25c connection fee!

Posted by aman3660

I did it using the usb cable provided...my connection speed is 256kbps and it took me around 30-40mins in total...
1st it downloads d software to pc..and then transfers to cell,which takes more time.

Posted by bounce550
anyone know if i can do this with the o2 software on the phone?

Posted by Rookwise
Couldn't get the update over GPRS. It was still telling me I already had the latest software.
Installed the W550 software disc and downloaded the new update service. Used it to update my W550i. Have now got software version R4BA041

Oh. Mines a sim free, generic UK version.

Not had chance to try the phone out properly (cemera etc) but I noticed that menu scrolling is faster (more responsive) and load up time has been reduced.
Also, when I used to turn the phone on there was static/scrambling (coloured blocks) on the screen then the logo and vibrate before going to the activity menu (Start phone/Flight mode).
The static thing on turn on is no longer there now

Posted by bounce550
tried updating with the usb cable, followed the instructions & when I press "c" & plug in th cable my PC restarts with a disk scan!!??!?!

any idea's??

Posted by Rookwise
My pc sometimes does that when I sync my I Mate Jam. Not all the time though.

Posted by steele
Just got my W550i today is there any known bugs i should be aware of? I have the latest firmware.

Posted by Crespo88
i brought mine on 02 pay and go, can anyone tell me where to get the latest firmwire

Posted by aman3660
well goto sonyericsson.com... select ur phone... download product update software... run it... u'll need d usb cable supplied along.

Posted by Crespo88
I couldnt find any firmware for it on the website. After i get it do i just send it to my phone via the cable or is there more to it

Posted by bounce550
got mine on o2 mate,

cant get it to work with the usb cable.
when you run the software it tells you to press the "C" button on the phone, this restarted my PC!!

manage to connect via gprs the other day(finally) but it told me i was up to date.

anyone find that the camera is crap unless its decent light??

I held it next to my K700i the other night in a night club & even with night mode it was REALLY poor unless i had the light on & held it close to something!

Posted by steele
Camera is ok but you have to make some lighting adjustments though. Mine is always night mode and daylight

Maybe we should start sharing our preferences on camera settings or should we have another thread for that.

Mine is up to date. CAn't say it's bug free yet though.

Posted by bounce550

this post says its cam version 4.5 on the new software, mine says 4.4 so def looks like i need to upgrade!

still software related but could start a new thread for cam settings??

Posted by aman3660
there's already a thread whr members hav posted their pics taken from w550i... we can discuss d cam preferences there..


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Posted by hemangjb
There is a bug in the new firmware. The songs crack on loud volume in the mega bass equilizer setting.
Any Ideas on how to Sove it?

Posted by kabukijep
I'm not sure if this is a bug, but the line at the end of the list sometimes just hovers in the page even if the list is not at the bottom yet, and hovers above the text. I'll see about a screenshot soon. I have R4BA041.

Another question: is the latest SEUS version R4BA041? This page says the latest is R4CA004 but I can't confirm if you can get this via SEUS as well? Has anyone tried updating their [unlocked/SIM-free] W550s yet? What version did SEUS give you?

Posted by kabukijep
another one: when you enable/disable the player via the left side button and shuffle is enabled in the [walkman] player, it switches between [2] different tracks on the same point in the song (eg/at 2 mins 30 secs)

yet another one: everytime you close and re-open the walkman player, stereo widening gets enabled. not sure if this is a bug, but it sure is annoying having to switch that feature on everytime you get to close the player for whatever reason

Posted by eks_are
last month my w550i have a problems with the softwares...i sent it to service provider to fix the problems...now my version is R4AB048...eemm...but i've forgot to rite down my previous version...hehehe...does anyone have same version of mine??

Posted by diameter
My w550i has gone dead, with a white screen when switching on. Friends suggested that I should try a firmware update. Using the latest SEUS 2.2.137d I managed to start flashing the firmware. However, at about the last 1 and half progress bar, the updating stopped. The software then paused for some time and said there was an error in updating the firmware and ask me to try again from the beginning.

I then repeated the process two times, all with the same failure. My phone is now dead, not even with a white screen. Does any one have the same experience?

Any thing I could try before I send my w550i to the SE repair centre?

Posted by vrl29
try turning off the cellphone and remove the battery for like 20 minutes - 30 minutes. after that, plug the battery back in and try turning the phone on. if it still doesn't solve the problem, you might as well take it to the service center...

T68i (Feb2004-May2004)
T610 (Sep2004-Jun2005)
K700i (Jun2005-Sep2005)
S700i (Sep2005-Current)

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Posted by MaLt
does updating the firmware thru the SE website, erases the memory of the phone?

Posted by djoka

Posted by MaLt
I see.. thanks!

i find it weird though because service centers always warn me that my phone memory will be erase after the firmware update..

Posted by vrl29

does updating the firmware thru the SE website, erases the memory of the phone?

i think so... i have updated my phone's software (not W550i) many times through SEUS, and i tried it once in a service center. it DOESN'T erases the phone memory. so it would be a good idea to back up the phone memory before updating the firmware...

SE T68i (Feb2004-May2004)
SE T610 (Sep2004-Jun2005)
SE K700i (Jun2005-Sep2005)
SE S700i (Sep2005-Present)

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Posted by MaLt
now i'm confused... any w550i users who upgraded thru SEUS had their phone memory erased?

Posted by MaLt
just checked thru SEUS.. still no new firmware.. i'm still on R4AB048

Posted by Rookwise
Updating through SEUS doesnt erase your phones memory. Neither does it when you take it to be updated at an authorised service point. The reason why your memory is erased is that before the service point performs the update the do a master reset on your phone. If the reset solves your problem then they will not do an update and give you your phone back.

Posted by AndyMoody
For unlocking and O2 debranding try www.fonefunshop.co.uk they did it for me.


Posted by MaLt
what's the latest firmware available? i tried updating my w550i thru SEUS but it always state that i have the latest one?

i have R4AB048

prgCXC1250086_CHINA_EL R4AB048

LCD SW versions
Main display
Current: 0

Camera SW versions
Current 4.4

ITP SW Version
CXC 125 0026_49 R3A

CDA102426/101 R1A
cxc1250032 R4AB048

Content version

Java SW version

Posted by kabukijep
Latest red flashes = R4AB048 (R7B039 for W600)
Latest brown flashes = R4CA004

aside from these, any signs of new firmware yet?

Posted by GsMen
r4cb020 uploading now to davinci

Posted by MaLt
what's the diff between red and brown?

Posted by kabukijep
is it red or is it brown?

*- red = public release/SEUS flashes; brown = developer/beta (?)


On 2006-03-27 01:52:22, GsMen wrote:
r4cb020 uploading now to davinci

Posted by GsMen
red ofcource

Posted by kabukijep
i lost a credit to R4CB020 EU2 in davinci- i think the file has some corrupt protions or sommat, as i got a config error after flashing was completed (everything went through without a glitch)- i used the older red flash, then SEUS after that, and i now have r4cb020

im asking gsmen if i could get a replacement credit for the first attempt. keep ya'll posted

for the mean time, stay away from r4cb020/eu2 in dvt

Posted by kabukijep
changes i've noticed in the new firmware [R4CB020] so far:

- camera software version 4.6
- java sw version 6.3
- improvement in the walkman player! metadata is now displayed for both the now playing screens and artist/album lists for M4A files
- the line bug at the end of lists when using v4.0 themes for W550 seems to be fixed now
- animations now get a weird background; and the overlapping of frames is still there.. (just when you thought it cant get any worse than that..jeez)
- faster menu navigation, but this could just be psychological

anyone else noticed what's changed?

Posted by kabukijep
got my credit back! thanks to gsmen

use client 15.3- apparently 15.8 has a bug with the new W550 flashes

Posted by kabukijep
more changes:

- the status bar when deleting messages (inbox/sent items/etc) now actually moves!
- smaller font in the walkman player for song number and progress timer
- the bug where the phone would ask for confirmation for deletion when managing files via IR or appears to have been fixed
- new possible bug! intermittently, the music button (left hand side, not the walkman one) would not stop when the phone is locked. I havent performed enough testing as to the conditions involved yet..
- another possible bug! in the file manager (i noticed this for some pics taken with my Canon Powershot I scaled down to size 640w or 1024w), the thumbnails appear as black, empty boxes. This doesnt happen for 1280*960 pics taken with an S700 i transferred to my phone though

on another note, i just noticed a "thumbnail list" viewing option. i dunno if it's always been there or something new with this FW release-

Posted by MaLt
no update yet from SEUS???

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