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Free Stealth Texting

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Posted by tomas651
Hi All

I just created this website that lets you send free stealth texts (self destructing texts). Read once and the text deletes itself.



Posted by batesie
its not even sms based, its a wap page that deletes itself after being read once...

Posted by Lebanese
free, better than nothing.

Posted by dude_se
well this isnt free as you have to pay for the wap/gprs charges which is quite steep on orange uk imo. i dont understand why when you get a message you cant just read it then delete it, or even upload it via your pc. you should try working on something else, like free jokes to your mobile or something, that would prove to be more useful for me


Posted by EastCoastStar
i dont want to register... will someone PM me, ill give them my number, and then they can send me one please? thanks!

Posted by p900 lover
No im not too keen on registering either, looks a bit hmm... not right

Posted by EastCoastStar
exactly why i didnt want to...

Posted by x_lucy_x
it looks sh*te, and someone has already told us what it does so theres no need to register

Posted by elijah4tune1
yeah, a bit like a money making scheme

Posted by Greggy
registered and sent 2 txts 15mins ago and they havnt arrived??

Posted by x_lucy_x
why are u still discussing how it doesnt work.. if it DOESNT WORK!! lol

Posted by Greggy
Have i missed something x_jucy_x ? Who in this thread actualy said it dosnt work?

Posted by Greggy
thought id report back here it does in fact work the phone i was sending to before dosnt accept service settings. the message comes across as service setting it has a wap link that the recipient has to go to to retrieve the message, its similar to a sms sending thing i used a while back only the message was contained in the service settings you didnt have to retrieve it from a wap link

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